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Many players immediately rush for the biggest welcome bonus or free spins offer. I don’t blame them. Some of them are just too tempting, others are too primitive. Some of them are too tempting, but not all of them.

Ask any experienced online gambler or high roller, and he will tell you that there are certain terms, tricks and tips that he wishes he knew before he switched to another casino. These factors can change the way you play, receive casino bonuses and increase your chances of winning big at new online casinos.

There are many new casinos popping up every year in India. But you have to understand that the top casino sites still need to be found. How you play at a casino and what you do with it often decides whether you will win big.

Let’s start by revealing 8 things all gamblers should know before depositing at an online Kiwi casino. After reading this article, you’ll feel like you’re ready to hit the pros.

1. The casino has the upper hand.

Online gambling is an exciting industry. However, for new players, it can be a long-term disadvantage. Even if you can lose a few big ones, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll win every time. Some of the momentous winnings we’ve seen on kiwi slot machines can’t be missed.

This small disadvantage can lead to big losses over the years. Although it is a small percentage, it can significantly affect players’ chances of winning if they don’t know that the casino has an advantage.

If the RTP for a slot machine is 97%, the casino takes away $3, or 3.3%. This is not meant to discourage new players. There is still a chance to win big and recoup possible losses, but the casino will take away $3 or 3%.

2. All games are not created equal.

We often look for “hot” slot machines, and when one turns out to be “cold”, we move on to another. This is a myth, and I’m happy to tell you one. It is impossible to play hot or cold in a casino. All casino games have a fixed RTP and carefully calculated odds of winning.

You can get around this by choosing games with higher payouts. This will increase your chances of winning the jackpot. Online casinos that are newer and more competitive than established online casinos compete for first place. This benefits us all, as the RTP is constantly increasing.

Next time you can relax and play the most popular Indian slots. Compare the RTP of the different casino games to find the best one for you.

3. Free spins are not free.

While free spins are great, they are not always completely free. Some new players have turned getting free spins at a new casino into almost a hobby. To attract new players, welcome bonuses offer a huge number of free spins that allow them to play promoted slots or familiarize themselves with the casino.

However, many online casino players enjoy free spins as a way to try out new slots at the best online casinos without having to make a deposit.

4. There are different requirements for wagering bonuses.

Being new to online gambling, I was able to get huge no deposit bonuses and free spins when I first came to the casino. After familiarizing myself with several bonus offers and learning the wagering requirements for the bonuses, I was ready to go. I didn’t know that no deposit casino bonuses come with high wagering requirements.

You won’t be able to make the right decision if you choose with your eyes. Don’t limit yourself to the flashy offer, but take a look at the casino design, software providers, the live casino section, the VIP section and all other aspects that will be useful to you in the coming weeks. Depending on the bonus, you will have to wager different amounts, so be sure to check this before you sign up.

Casino variance is a major tip that the online casino industry doesn’t want you to know about. Some slot games have higher payout odds and lower wagering requirements. These slot games will allow you to meet wagering requirements and keep your bonus winnings.

5. You can control your bankroll.

While this may seem obvious, it is often overlooked by new players. New online casinos in India are too good to be true. They can also be exciting and fun. I know new players are eager to start playing right away. Accepting transactions through the e-wallet app is quick and easy. With instant payments, you don’t have to think about how much money you’re spending.

The solution is simple… bankroll control. You can control your online casino spending to save your hard-earned money and avoid making bad decisions.

By Aamer Khan Lodhi

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