how to make money online in pakistan

Nowadays, due to the COVID epidemic, there are thousands of people left unemployed. There are no opportunities out there to avail worldwide, especially in Pakistan. Hence the majority of people are moving towards earning and how to earn money online in Pakistan.

As we all consider it is not that difficult to earn in this country. However, you will need a lot of effort and time to get to that point. It doesn’t matter if it is creating YouTube videos, freelancing, or monetizing Google AdSense.

Quality content and a unique niche that attracts your audience are all you need. In this article, I have put together the eight best ways to make money online in Pakistan. Moreover, you will need no initial investment to start with AdSense.

Best guide on how to earn money online in Pakistan

how to earn money online in pakistan

This guide has all the answers to all your questions like how to earn money online in Pakistan for students, unemployed people, and the ones looking for a reliable platform for investment.


After Google, YouTube is the second most visited website all over the globe. The users are growing day by day over two billion monthly users.

In every minute, around 500 hours of videos are upload by people to this site. The YouTube users are more than 70% view on the mobile.

It is one of the easiest and handy ways to produce cash. All you need to do is make a channel, create videos and upload them on your channel. Moreover, make sure that these are yours. This site bans copyright content.

Google AdSense

In mid-2003, Google launched a program that has now become the most popular on the internet. Around 10 million website users have Google AdSense to optimize the traffic.

It acts as the third party between advertisers and publishers.

It works as Click per Cost (CPC). So if you put some ads on your website and your visitors click on the specific ads, the advertisers will pay you for that clicks.

You have to be patient in this method because it takes time to grow and make your cash. However, it is one of the most reliable sources.

Online earning websites in Pakistan

“How to make money online in Pakistan?” is a question that requires extensive research and skills to get the answer. In my opinion, freelancing is the best option out of all. There is no investment mess. You will work, and you will earn. Simple!

You don’t have to be accountable in front of a boss. Authentic and worthwhile service is all you have to do. Several platforms pay high money for skills. These are;



99 designs

People per hour



If you choose any of these, you have to make an account, create your profile, write about your skills and apply for different services.


Getting a passive income is one of the best options in the Pak. A good blog refers to a good search. It is technical and complex to start with now. But once you are on it, you will produce cash in thousand of dollars.

Some WordPress skills and effort are necessary to get to that higher level.

Affiliate marketing

In this field, you have to advertise and sell other brands’ products on paid partnership. You will get a commission if the company’s product sells specifically to you.

There are millions of people worldwide using this method for passive income. Amazon, Daraz, Click Bank, Goto, and eBay are popular platforms in affiliated marketing.

For this, you have to create a website or blog. Even a Facebook page can work. Then enroll in affiliated marketing. Then you have to Choose the product, sell them with your advertising skills and get a commission.

Data entry

For data entry, you will need to first learn about this skill. YouTube and the internet are full of step-by-step guides and tutorials by experts. You can learn from them.

And believe me, you will find this way the handiest to produce high income. When it comes to applying for these, some websites require a fee for registration. They are usually fake sites and give you a waste of money.

Instead, go for authentic platforms like Guru or Fiverr. These are great for this field and will pay you high cash.

Content writing

Go to Google bar and search for “online content writing jobs” or “You need content author.” and you will get the best results. Many organizations are always on the hunt for quality writers all across the world.

If you are a content writing expert, you can produce income through freelancing. Several blogs and sites worldwide require quality and unique content. And they are willing to pay thousands of dollars for that.

A proficient writer with the correct methodology of content can earn in this area.


A beautiful face or a unique project can pay you more than you think. And the right place for that is Instagram. If you have a strong fan follower on your account, the clothing and other wearing brands offer you currency for launching and showcasing their products.

Influencers are earning higher by just advertising other’s brands.

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