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Freelancing is the most common nowadays. Almost everyone has good knowledge about it whether they are freelancers or not. Freelancing is an individual online business where you can earn money in dollars by providing different services. Many platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, people per hour, etc. by making profiles on these platforms according to their skills, you can get orders not just from Pakistan even from all countries in the world. You can work in your free hours, no time restriction not required a full setup to do this. There are many categories in which you can earn money by putting in your efforts. I am going to Mention five in demand and most selling skills of the freelance industry:

1.Programming and development:

Meet James Knight, a programmer who quit a well-paying position at Google to pursue a freelance career. As a freelance coder, he now earns more than $1,000 per hour. Programming jobs pay the best for freelancers, particularly software and mobile app development. It is just because coding is a tough talent to learn and there are not many competent developers out there. That’s why it comes in most selling skills of freelance industry.

2. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the one from highest paying skills in freelance industry. Nowadays, everyone uses social media to introduce themselves. Facebook, Instagram, twitters are the social platforms. By making their strong profiles you can earn as well as entrainment. Check out Digital Marketing full course for in-depth understanding and expertise in this field.

3.Graphics designing:

Graphic design is ranked second on Up Work’s list of the most in-demand talents. And if you look at its top freelancers in the graphic design category, you will notice that some of them earn up to $85 per hour performing design work.

4. SEO

Search engine optimization is the most demanding and selling skills of freelance industry nowadays. Every person who is doing online business needs badly this. Because without SEO optimization you can not rank in Google cannot beat your competitors.

5. Animation and Video Creators

Video material is preferred above images and text postings on all major social media platforms. The need for video and animation development has risen because of the increasing involvement. They get greater outcomes even when they are not marketed. YouTube’s popularity has risen sharply in recent years. This has increased the need for video and animation production. It is the best selling skill of the freelance industry.

People are always seeking for easy solutions to become wealthy. Perhaps all the stories about billion-dollar startup purchases and people making fast millions with smartphone apps have gotten to them.

They do not notice the important message concealed behind all those success tales because of the media hype: it takes hard work to make money.

There is nothing skill in the world which are not demanding, in freelance industry many other skills are demanding even every skill is on freelance platform. You just have to hard work and need some patience. Success is waiting for you.

There are some Best software companies in pakistan who are working on these skills and earning a lot as well as providing employment opportunities for beginner freelancers in the country.

By Aamer Khan Lodhi

Top-Rated Freelancer, Digital Marketer, Blogger, SEO, Link Builder

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