Business Ideas for Teens

Starting a business at an early age can be very rewarding. It not only gives you some extra monetary support, but also provides you with a valuable experience. This experience can later help you in building something big and more valuable.

So, starting at teenage with little or no cost gives you an early advantage compared to those who start their business at the age of 40 or above with so many responsibilities lying on their shoulders and having high stakes.

The first question that comes to mind before starting a business is what should I do? Or to be more specific, what can I do?

In this post, you are going to read about 10 business ideas for teens. You can start some of them with little or no investment and some even don’t need any prior experience.

Online Content Creation

Creating online content is one the most rewarding niches on the internet. There are several online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok etc where you can create engaging content even if you are a teenager.

You can choose a niche of your interest and start creating content on it. The current market cap of online content creation is around 1,66,11.5 million USD. It is forecasted to grow up to 5,36,23.3 million USD by 2033.

So, if you start today, there is high chance to grab a valuable chunk of earnings with each passing day.

Make and sell handmade goods

The Cottage industry is the backbone of the economy of many countries. If you have a hobby of creating valuable items at home then you can sell it and earn some good side income.

After the boom of e-commerce, you also have a chance to sell online on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify and woo-commerce. And you can expand your business to other cities along with your locality and local market.

Tuition /Study help to younger Kids

Teaching is a very good profession. If you think that you have good subject knowledge and are good at studies, then you can provide tuition to other children. You can look for students who need help within your friend circle, family, or in locality.

Apart from that, you can also teach online using online teaching platforms like study pool, Preply etc. You can also teach online by creating a YouTube channel and start recording online lessons for your graduated classes.

Run a pet care business

Are you a pet lover? Do you love being around pets? If yes, then this could be a very good side hustle for you. From pet walking to pet cleaning, taking care of pets when the owner is away to cleaning pet cages or kettles, these can be your target services. You can find these clients from your social circle, your locality or online as well.

Selling used books

You can sell used books physically or online. These books can be bought at low cost from garage sellers or bookstores. You just need to use the online platforms that sell used stuff, and here you go. You can quickly ship those via courier services.

The most common platforms are eBay, Esty, Facebook marketplace, Poshmark, Instagram and many others. The only catch here is to look for existing offers online and calculate the profitability of each item.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a very lucrative and highly rewarding business idea for teens if you do it the right way. The good thing is that you can start it at a very low cost. You don’t need any inventory beforehand.

You can find high-selling products online and then look for the source in the local market as well. It can be a little bit challenging in the beginning in terms of product hunting and sourcing, but will get automated as you proceed.

You can do drop shipping by creating your own e-commerce website, or you can also use online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Walmart etc.

Social Media Management

21st century is the world of social media. There are 4.95 billion social media users around the world. If you love being on social media, then you can sell these services to other people and businesses who want to create their online presence.

Social media management services include creating content for Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, twitter (X) and others. You can create a content strategy, generate followers and create videos & images related to the business and as a result, it could generate good business leads for the owner.

Content Writing Services

If you have an instinct for writing, then you can utilize your skill and build a business over it. Content creators always need blog writers, script writers, article writers, and copywriters.

Choose a niche and start working on it. Create some attractive samples and start finding clients. You can work on it part-time or full-time depending upon your availability. Find an individual blog owner, youtuber or digital marketer and start creating content for them. You can earn from a minimum of 10 USD as a beginner to 100 – 150 USD per blog or ad copy as a professional writer.


Blogging is a vast field, and as a blogger, you can earn money from your own blog or by selling your services to other blog owners. If you own a blog, you can earn from Adsense, Guest posting and from affiliate marketing.

Apart from that, selling services like blog website creation, on-page & off-page SEO, Backlinking, etc. can make you good fortune.

House Cleaning Services

House cleaning is an in-demand service. There are professionals who earn their living only by providing these services. You can also work in this niche and help people in your surroundings by cleaning their houses, workspaces, pools or gardens.

This is a labor-intensive work, but it can be pretty rewarding and doesn’t need much skills in the beginning. You can shift to more specialized tasks like pool cleaning as you get some experience.


Having an urge to start a business is very good yet challenging. In this blog, 10 business ideas for teens have been explained now, you can choose any niche as per your interest and start your own business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which business should I start at the age of 12?

There is a list of businesses hand-picked to be well-suited for teens. Some of them are also suitable for 12 years old.

What is the easiest business to start?

Some of the easiest businesses to start include home cleaning, pet services, content writing, and blogging. You can choose one of them as per your convenience and interest.

What is the minimum age to start a business?

You can start a business at any age. You only need to make sure that you can handle all the business operations efficiently and are able to deliver the promised results.

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