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Marketing Mag projects that the content marketing industry is expected to be worth more than 300 billion dollars by the end of 2021. And since writers make a big portion of the content marketing workforce, it is great news for them. 

From copywriters and blog writers to social media content creators and outreach marketers, there are many jobs that require competent writers who can carry out the needs of their employers and clients. The latter, in particular, when a writer is freelancing.

The question is, what makes content writers so desirable, and how can you become one? Let’s find out below.

Reasons for the Demand

#1 – Expansion Online

Perhaps the biggest reason why writers are in such demand is due to various businesses trying to establish their presence online. Back in the early days, not that many companies bothered with internet marketing. Instead, they relied on other, more conventional promotional methods, such as TV and radio commercials or giant billboards.

However, things have changed, and more people have moved to the digital world. Now, so many of us spend time on social media, browsing news sites, responding to emails, or reading blogs. 

It is likely that the content we consume is highly targeted and segmented. For that, you need a professional writer who knows what they are doing. 

Besides, it is also worth noting that the competition in some industries is really high, and businesses are happy to pay extra if it means persuading competent writers to join them.

Finally, it is not just big corporations that hire writers. Small startups, individual businesses, and even non-profit organizations need someone who can produce content regularly. 

#2 – Costs

One of the benefits of collaborating with content writers is that you usually hire someone who is freelance. As such, the writer does not have to surround themselves with a busy office environment and work from home without distractions. Efficiency means saving time and money, which is great for businesses looking to cut costs

Since there are plenty of different writers with various backgrounds and experiences, finding one that fits the budget should not be a problem either. 

#3 – Fresh Perspective

Getting the right words across is not something that anyone can do. If a business owner knows what they want to say to their customers, it does not mean that what they write will translate into conversions. 

Meanwhile, a well-versed writer with a fresh and unbiased perspective can come up with a proper way to communicate with a targeted demographic. Of course, collaboration is a must between the writer and people in charge to make sure that the brand’s voice is consistent, though figuring out these details should not be an issue so long as every party involved is professional.

How to Become a Content Writer

Now, if you want to become a content writer, it helps to have an education and great writing skills. However, there are plenty of freelancers who are missing a university degree but have no problems finding writing gigs. 

Ultimately, it is about the desire to learn the craft and interest in content creation. Even if you are not a native English speaker, you can master the language and write for others or start a blog yourself.

Finding Your Work

As a content writer, you want to establish yourself online so that you can find clients and let clients find you. An online portfolio, a personal website, and a strong social media presence should be one of the priorities, though it might take a while to take care of that.

One should not expect clients to come their way right off the bat. It is better to take a proactive approach and seek writing gigs yourself. For example, you could check out the content writing jobs platform as it can help you find various gigs.

You can post the job yourself and wait for the offers to come your way, or look through the available jobs and sort them by types, categories, levels, and locations. 

Whether you desire to work remotely or in-house, start at an entry-level, and specialize in a particular niche, the platform has you covered. 

Subscribing to a weekly newsletter that covers all the available jobs is another benefit. And if you want, you can also get a daily jobs newsletter. Not having to wait for the whole week gives an edge in becoming one of the first to apply for an open position. 

There is a plethora of reviews about the platform and how other writers have experienced it. Look through those if you want more details. Finally, do not be surprised to struggle with applications early on because the supply usually surpasses the demand due to the nature of the platform’s popularity and many writers applying for the same gigs.

By Aamer Khan Lodhi

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