Online Typing Jobs in Pakistan

Are you looking for some handy work that requires no skills and investment? Do you want easy money for pockets alongside studying? Have you heard about typists? Yes, this comes with all these benefits. Stay tuned to get to know more about online typing jobs in Pakistan.

It is one of the most comfortable works anybody can do. Since the pandemic, everyone wants to work from home comfort. Doesn’t matter if it is Web Development, Graphic Designing or writing, etc., anyone can apply.

You don’t have to master any tough skills. Just know about the basics of MS Office and using it.

Online Typing Jobs Defined

A typist is a person who inputs any form of data into a spreadsheet or document. For this, you must know the use of keys on the keyboard. It doesn’t matter if you never did this before. Also, the speed doesn’t matter at the start. Gradually it levels up. Hence, practice makes a man perfect.

In this career, you should have keyboard skills and complete tasks under deadlines. There are several industries where you can apply as an employer. The kind of field is not bound.

So the people who have fast speed and can labor under pressure, it is a great option. It involves typing on reports, websites in a format.

Why get Online Typing Jobs in Pakistan

If you ask someone, the quick response of this will be the preference of comfort at home. And the people who are fresher in this area, it will be easy to start.

The flexibility in task and time reduces the stress. Moreover, it gives the sense of healthier yet balanced life.

As recorded by Staples, people who worked from home have 25% less stress level. However, while starting, it is confusing to pick the right one.

On the internet, there are plenty of them and most of them are fakes. So you have to be careful while filling any advertises form or clicking on links.

Know the difference b/w typing jobs online and Data Entry

Now there is a little difference between these two. In the first one, employers perform tasks data connected and input the content into a given document.

However, Data Entry consists of entering all kinds of information, text, images into the computer. It is further divided into two:

  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry

Websites for Online Typing Jobs in Pakistan

Several websites are there that are offering these. You can use them for finding the desired employment. A few of them are;

  1. Indeed
  2. Mustakbil
  3. Rozee
  4. Jobs.Trovit.
  5. Jobz   
  6. Google
  7. Freelancer
  8. Upwork
  9. Fiverr
  10. PeoplePerHour

Free Registration for typing job

Well, there are many where you have to invest some money before starting. If you have no money, don’t worry. I have listed below some that require no fee. You can apply for free registration there.

  1. Pakhousejobs
  2. Jobsalert
  3. Bolee    
  4. Pkdataentryjobs

Personal Opinion

In my suggestion, I think it will be better if you go for freelancing. This field is perfect for all kinds of skills. Even though you have to lift the workload, but it will save you from scammers.

On the internet, you will see ads that claim to pay for watching videos. Perhaps, all of these are scams. Instead, go for these best freelance websites for beginners to get online typing jobs in Pakistan.


Earning depends on the kind of task, field, and performance. An average typist earns around $7 for 500 words.

National and International Payment Method

When you dive into these typing jobs in Pakistan, you can employ foreign customers too. And the options of receiving payment on an international level are less in here. Since there is no choice of PayPal and others.

However, you can choose Payoneer for this purpose. For this, first, you have to make an account on it. If you don’t know-how, you can watch YouTube videos on it.

After making Payoneer Account, you can accept credit card payments, can transact, deposit and secure money into a bank account.

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