What Is Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan

Have you ever imagined a website was all you needed to make money online? Have you any idea about what is affiliate marketing? That means you don’t need to have your products or invest in services. Sounds good? Welcome to affiliate marketing.

Statista claims that business spending will hit $8.2 billion by 2022 in the US through affiliate marketing.

The marketing of commercial products and services has the aim to promote audiences. In simple words, television advertisements, magazine advertisements, and roadside billboards are what we call marketing.

However, all businesses don’t make their products and market them. They use others’ products, market them, and earn money from them.

What is affiliate marketing?     

The term is primarily used for the process in which you advertise other’s goods, via affiliate networks or social media. And you generate commissions for yourself once people use your association or link to buy that particular item.

It is a kind of professional-based marketing. In this field, organizations use an affiliate’s marketing effort to bring several affiliates to each customer and visitor.

Why create an affiliate marketing program/site?

Cheap Programs setups

You don’t require having a paid team department, a wide advertisement budget, and many fancy tools to step into this.

You can software that handles such programs at cheap rates. Moreover, you will be able to run your program with just one member’s responsibility.

No salaried sales team

According to an estimate, a full-time sales representative earns a $61,740 salary per year. And it includes large payments of expenses with small risks that generate no sales at all.

However, with this marketing, there are no customers that end up with no associative payment.

The benefit of SEO strategy

Since you are on the internet for some time, you know the effect of SEO strategies and building backlinks through associative promotions. When you put more backlinks, it will lead to a higher ranking and make the consumer purchase items.

So if you want to produce more sales and commissions, you must share your tracking URL on your;

  • Social media profiles
  • Blogs and Websites
  • Video descriptions (if you have a YouTube channel)

Sharing the URL will boost the ranking backlinks of your other eCommerce sites.

Power of influencers

Another way of boosting your publicizing strategies is to reach out to influencers. Get highly influential people with an engaged audience into your promotional program.

For this, you have to pay those good rates or commissions, but they are worth the results. It works best when you are building a promotional team of bloggers. Records say, 18% of customers are usually influenced by YouTube and social media when it comes to making decisions.

Affiliate marketing websites in Pakistan

Here are a few best publicizing websites you can use to showcase items in Pak.

Let’s learn more details on each one by one.


It is a famous provider of web hosting all over the blog. You can get a high commission after signing up for their promotional package. For each sale, their commission ranges from $25 up to $200.

Moreover, for their website, they offer a PPC-based payment for visitors. Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Servers are some best-selling solutions you can promote. For this, you will get free access to their training videos after joining.


These are some of the famous travel and cultural sites of Pakistan. They are tour operators. Their services include jeep safaris, tours, expeditions, treks, and hotel reservations all over the country.

If you have your website, you can make money by publicizing its site. You will get a 5% contract if sales are generated by your link.


The amazon affiliate program in Pakistan helps in making money from the comfort of your home with ease. It requires no large-scale fees and regulations. That’s why I always recommend beginners to step up the amazon association.

Moreover, making money through this platform from Pakistan is a lot easier than in the US. Since there is no concept of recommending only merchandise. Hence, you will get cash on the entire cart value showcasing.


Daraz is launching an affiliate program this October for entrepreneurs and content writers. Hence, they can get paid for all the transactions and sales by promoting Daraz products online.


It is similar to other websites and provides you with a link to products. Then you have to put that link on some promotional areas like blogs and social media. And you will get money every time someone will buy that item through your link.

The majority of items pay up to 50% of the price on every purchase.

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