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Video Marketing is fast becoming a widespread content medium, with 500M+ Facebook users watching videos on a regular basis. Videos offer more room for content sharing, expression, and improved promotion on social media.

That’s the reason why financial institutions need to use the latest video marketing statistics to connect with consumers. Starting from direct advertising to how-to videos, finance organizations and banks can easily engage, entertain and inform their audiences without spending much.

Nevertheless, there are varied factors to consider when launching a financial video marketing campaign. These include the video production potentials of the organization, the audience, and the demographic.

It is also necessary for finance organizations to craft their campaigns in a way to match their end objectives, get creative with storytelling and give out the message that brings results.

The below-mentioned 3 effective video marketing ideas will help financial organizations get on the right path before producing or filming video content.

1. Personalized Videos are Highly Effective

This is possibly one of the most effective ways for financial organizations to tell their customers that they really care for them and make offers wholly customized to their requirements.

This requires using the services of a video marketing service provider or a video marketing tool. It is best to use a video marketing tool as it helps in sending relevant and personalized videos to individual consumers. You can use InVideo video editor to create personalized videos for your marketing campaign.

The banks and financial institutions might use the customer’s data for creating videos that perfectly match their needs and preferences. Data from varied sources can also be collected to deliver the most personalized content.

Personalized videos can easily be delivered to the consumers by embedding the same in their emails. Financial institutions should deliver paperless statements to the mailing addresses of their clients.

When coupled with videos explaining the same, these paperless statements can add value to the services and products of the organizations. Another great medium of offering a bird’s eye view of the services of a finance business is going for promo videos.

These videos can effectively be used to increase brand awareness. Such videos bring in good results mainly because they make a very strong impression on prospective customers.

Promo videos are also effective in driving traffic to a site and can easily be positioned on significant points on a landing page. This will pique interest in the visitors of a site. Now, do not tell that banks and financial organizations these days do not have their own sites.

Another reason why the use of promo videos by a financial institution is an effective marketing strategy is that they are highly shareable. Since these videos condense a huge amount of information, they can be used for generating buzz around a brand new service.

Financial organizations can even use demo videos for showcasing the specific features of their products and services. The demo videos are also highly effective because they allow institutions to communicate with their clients in a fun manner without confusing them with excessive information.

2. Compelling Storytelling Can Work Wonders

When marketing their services across the market through the medium of videos, financial organizations should understand the value of narrating a compelling and great story. This is one good way of showing the clients that you value your position in their community and even understand their exclusive requirements.

For example, the finance organizations can have their real clients telling the stories of how the help from their finance companies helped them in doing away with problems. When amalgamated into videos, such stories can work wonders in bringing in more business for financial organizations.

The banks can have their customers telling the story of their long relationship with the banks in their own words. Such storytelling videos can also have the customers narrating their experience with the banks. This is one way of showcasing that, as an organization, you value your clients. This will further encourage the other customers to get into long-term relations with your organization.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand that such videos should not be more than 30 to 40 seconds. The video should illustrate the work procedure of the bank or the financial organization and its deep roots in the industry. This will evoke genuine emotions among the viewers.

Great storytelling videos go a long way in telling the banking customers that their banks are committed to their services and are always there to help them make their dreams come true.

3. Educate the Audience through Videos

Remember, the video you create is an opportunity for you to captivate your audience. This will be your chance to educate your prospective clients and provide genuine value. Hence, it works to make videos where you can tell followers something they are not aware of.

In the context of financial institutions, these can be videos explaining business or the wider financial world. It is necessary to turn a trusted expert and thought leader into creating the best video marketing campaign.

If you are a modern financial organization, try creating your own app. This is important because consumers these days want to access their accounts or portfolios on the go. So, in-app videos can serve as one of the best ways of communicating with consumers.

If you are clear with the subject matter of your in-app video, there are endless opportunities in this field. Video creation will get easy for finance organizations if they have an idea of what they want to explain.

Further, they can create videos offering savings or investment advice, tutorials, or videos that update the customers on the latest trends in the financial world. Videos explaining the features that make a financial service different can increase its customers instantly.


Initially, video marketing might seem daunting. However, with time, as you start getting results, it will all be worth it. But remember one thing, you must have a very well-designed video marketing plan for making top-quality videos for your financial business.

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