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It’s never too late to teach children about science. Science is fundamentally about curiosity. It’s about always looking for “Why?” and not accepting “I don’t know” as an answer. Every child is curious. They want to know the reasons behind having them eat vegetables. They’d like to understand the factors that make a day last for up to 24 hours. They are interested in understanding the reasons behind that ice melts, as well as the reasons why ships sink and why boats sink. They’re scientists! At Edu-Kingdom College, our science tutors can provide an array of science-related classes that will aid in the development of the inherent potential of the young scientists, which makes them researchers, scientists and innovators from every student.

Primary School Science Tutoring

The science tutoring program at Edu-Kingdom begin in Year 6 and last until. It is based upon the fundamental skills we offer our students in Years one through five English Mathematics, English and Reasoning classes to aid them in discovering innovative ways of seeing the world around them. Although it may seem young, however, most schools don’t start courses in science until 7. Still, psychologists who work with children have found a continuous connection between the beginning stages of education in science and the cognitive skills that children develop as they grow older. Science classes don’t just focus on imparting information. Children are also taught essential and varied talents, such as how to write persuasively and the art of effective communication.

Our science tuition classes for classes in primary school provides the ideal blend of hands-on learning and courses. It capitalizes on the child’s natural curiosity during their first years of development through the constant reference to actual events. The pupils can leave the classroom with an open mind and wide eyes. The most effective lessons usually occur globally, but the classes are taught by asking the right questions. Edu-Kingdom provides its students with the tools to succeed in this.

Secondary School Science Tutoring

The Edu-Kingdom Tuition Centre aims to provide every student with the necessary education to achieve excellence in their academics in the field of science. Between the ages of 7 to 10, the school curriculums closely align with the secondary curriculum concerning the subjects they choose. This allows them to move from our tutoring program for private tutors and through examinations for school.

However, our teachers don’t stop at the final rung of their tunnel. They are dedicated scientists who seek to take their students beyond the limitations and confines of textbooks and tackle important issues, thrilling debates and controversial ideas in science. Your child will become more than just a scientist. The EduKingdom program will equip them with the tools they need to be professionals in their area of expertise.

Science Tutoring for kids

This approach is evident during the 10th grade, in which the science curriculum is divided into Chemistry, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The student’s education will be conducted with the guidance of EduKingdom’s highly qualified tutors, with many holding advanced degrees in these vital disciplines.

Our classes are extensive and offer students the best exposure to these subjects, which will help them cultivate a love of science and encourage students to consider the field they want to study:

After school tutoring is the point teens begin to consider their future career options. It is the perfect time to understand the lab processes to conduct research and the actual application of concepts derived from science. A lot of students have left our classrooms hoping to get an academic career in the science field. Your child could end up as a microbiologist, pharmaceutical researcher or even an astrophysicist. With our help, the sky is the limit!

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