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What are the five major areas of HR Executive? What are their functions? What are their duties, and how can you apply these in your organization? What are their responsibilities? In this article, I will discuss the seven primary HR functions that they play.

Labor relations

HR plays a vital role in labor relations. They represent the employees with the company and establish labor relations between the two parties. In this way, they show the highest paying jobs, employee compensation, and rules governing overtime abuse.

Human Resources Executive Search Process (HR ES): HR executive are also in charge of recruiting, hiring, managing, and firing employees. This includes evaluating the candidate’s talent, potential, fit, and skills. As an HR executive, you will be dealing with employees, recruiters, and HR managers to accomplish company goals.

HR specialist: An HR specialist is a generalist in the field of human resources management. They are usually found within human resource management departments. An HR specialist’s job may include negotiating contracts, recruiting, hiring, coaching, managing performance reviews, and training employees.

Payroll Processing

The payroll department in human resources performs the payment processing for the employees. In addition to that, they provide accounting services to make sure that your company’s financial records are accurate. Without the payroll process, a company will not have the right to take benefits from employees, pay them, and contribute to their benefits. In effect, every aspect of the employee compensation process is tied to the payroll process.

Human Resource Management

As we have said above, human resources managers are in charge of hiring, managing, and firing employees. Therefore, the HR manager is responsible for recruiting employees, monitoring their performance, training them, and rewarding them. An HR manager’s job may also include supervising their subordinates to ensure that they perform their roles satisfactorily. Therefore, being a good HR specialist will require you to have some HR-related skills.

Employee Relations

The employer sets employee relations (ER) strategies to keep employees committed, productive and motivated to their jobs. If you are planning to apply for this position, you will need to understand the essential functions of employee relations (ER). First, you should know how to interview a person. You should also know about how to motivate employees to give their best performance.


Payroll is the highest single cost of operating an organization. Therefore, it affects all human resource activities, including HR. Human resource activities include recruiting, training, hiring, paying, and benefits. Thus, being a good payroll administrator will require you to have solid technical skills and business experience. In conclusion, we advise you to note these main areas of hr that you may not be aware of, and find out what relevant skill you need to possess to achieve your dream job!


The recruitment area covers who gets hired, when they get hired, how they are hired, how much they pay, and other related HR issues. This is one of the most critical areas of HR, as, without good recruiters, HR would cease to exist. Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a recruiter, you should know the central role of HR in human resources.

Performance Management

In the realm of HR, performance management is closely linked to HR. Both are related to the goals and strategies of human resources. Performance is the measure of an individual or an organization’s ability or capacity to produce a specific result after working within its given set of circumstances. At the same time, HR may focus on employees’ skills, abilities, and professional development about their particular job. Thus, HR also includes aspects like training, development, and hiring practices.

Compensation and Benefits

In most cases, this is the most overlooked HR function. The salary and benefits are significant, especially when we compare them to an employee who has a managerial position. The compensation and honors include the pay, the benefits, the training, professional development, and even tips. Thus, if you want to see actual results from your HR department, you must pay special attention to the compensation and benefits department. This is because the overall performance and development of your organization greatly depend on them.

Labor Relations

In today’s business world, labor relations are significant. As an employer, you need to make sure that your employees will be productive and treat your company well. As an employee, you need to understand your employer’s labor policies to comply with them. These are five core functions of human resource activities that any company should not ignore in the modern world.

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