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Writing is one skill in which the human species can take pride. It has enabled us to transform the knowledge of the past and build our future. The works of geniuses like Aristotle, Newton, Einstein, etc. have reached us via written manuscripts.

The skills required to effectively communicate your thoughts in writing are known as writing skills. While speaking, you can be influenced by surroundings or ongoing situations, which can elude your judgment. Writing, on the other hand, allows you to properly think, structure, and then convincingly present your thoughts.

As per  British Library, the full-fledged writing system was developed 5,500 years ago in Mesopotamian  Civilization. Ever since then writing has become an essential part of human development.

How can a paraphrasing tool improve your writing skills? 

We have claimed that online paraphrasing tools can make you a better writer. This section explains the areas in which you can learn from these tools.

  Better Sentence Flow

The sentence flow means how the sentences have been written throughout your article. The style of the sentence varies as per the type of writing.  You need to use transition and linking verbs to relate to ideas and concepts. 

The usage of the right punctuations and vocabulary is another important factor. Every sentence should expand your previous argument and leave you inquisitive about the upcoming sentence. This is the flow state of a sentence.

For example, consider the following sentence:

“I love baking my family and my friends”

This sentence doesn’t use any punctuation and conveys the wrong message. Now, let’s put it through the tool.

Online Paraphrasing Tool

It rewrites it as :

I love to cook for my family and friends”

This sentence conveys the proper meaning that a person loves to cook for his family. 

Improves the content Tone

The tone of writing is an important factor.  It varies as per your writing type and your preferred style. While doing academic writing, the tone must be formal, the sentences will be predominantly of active type. In content writing, the preferred tone is conversational. It is advisable to use idioms and contemporary jokes to engage your audience.

An effective rephrase is adept at understanding the tone difference. It can teach you to improve your writing style with repeated practice.

Enhances Readability

Readability is a vast subject. In short, it means incorporating all the basic factors in your article, which are required for making the audience read your content. 

The coherence, paragraphing, linguistic skills and presentation skills determine your content’s readability.  

You should be aware of the nature and impact of words. Every word carries its level of description. Fear and terror both show negative emotions. But their intensities aren’t the same. Fear can be of unknown but terror is used to describe a situation when a person is up against a bigger enemy.

Similarly, every paragraph should cater to one point of discussion.  At the end of the paragraph, you should give your final verdict on that. The cluster of such paragraphs accounts for a convincing argument for a subject matter.

For Example: 

“Business Content will define, develop and distribute custom communications for your customer list. Whether it’s print or email, our staff will generate content that delivers your message in a voice that resonates with your readers. Successful content marketing depends on connecting with your customers. We will help you make and keep that connection.

Custom content is at the heart of what Business Content offers. It encompasses everything from brief blog posts to full-length feature articles, white papers, e-books and case studies. As part of an integrated marketing strategy, custom content is the cornerstone of content creation”

Paraphrasing Tool free

This is how it looks in text form.

“Business Content defines, develops, and distributes personalized communications for your client list. Whether printed or emailed, our staff creates content that delivers your message in a voice that resonates with your readers. Successful content marketing depends on connecting with your customers. We help you create and maintain that connection. Personalized content is at the heart of the business content offering. It includes everything from short blog posts to full articles, white papers, e-books, and case studies. As part of an integrated marketing strategy, personalized content is the cornerstone of content creation “

The rewrite has been highlighted in red, you can see that overall readability has increased. You can learn how to improve the readability of your content.

Removes Redundancy

Redundancy means excessive usage of words like extremely small, very huge, etc. to describe a thing or situation. These words don’t contribute anything, rather they waste screen time.  Their excessive usage means you have nothing valuable to tell except verbose.

Article rewriters can teach you to identify and then remove such words from your content.

For example:

“A large meeting was held to discuss this issue, which was very small in size”

Paraphrasing Tool

The tool rewrites it as:

“A large meeting was held to discuss this matter”

You can see that unnecessary details have been eliminated.

Grammatical Perfection

Being a writer, you shouldn’t compromise on grammar. If you are still stuck with basic mistakes, nobody will take you seriously.

Therefore, you should use modern tools to eliminate every error from your draft.

For Example:

Ahmed are a great student. His academic work were always up to date.”

The tool alters it like this:


You see both errors have been removed.

Why should you improve your writing skills?

We believe that every human should work on his writing skills. Many writers from companies like Trust My Paper are also sure that effective writing skills can make you stand out among others. In professional life, everything is documented. If you know how to correspond, you will get a head start in this race. Students require writing skills to express their knowledge and get good grades.

Here are several reasons explaining why you should improve your writing skills

  • Writing teaches you how to think about a subject.  To make a convincing argument, you must minutely gather your scattered thoughts and think in a definite direction. 
  • Writing sharpens your thinking muscles and cognitive abilities.
  • Writing gives perspective to your life events
  • Writing skills help you document the important deals
  • Writing skills help in getting positions of power
  • Writing allows students to express their knowledge
  • Writing has proven to be a great antidote for depression
  • Effective writing skills in writing better applications.
  • Writing skills can earn you a fortune as a freelancer
  • Writing is needed for social media presence

Writing and Paraphrasing Tools 

Paraphrasing Tool means the art of writing other persons’ thoughts on a subject in your own words while maintaining contextual accuracy.  For quality paraphrasing, you analyze the original draft. 

You pay attention to the tone, writing style, linguistic approach, active sentences, and the overall message that the author is trying to convey. Once you have understood that, only then you can try your hand at rewriting it.

Due to this reason, we believe that paraphrasing is essential for improving writing skills.  The easiest way to paraphrase is to use the paraphrasing tool. The paraphrasing tool is powered by NLP, natural language processing, to understand and interpret human language.

Final Words

Writing skills determine your success in the contemporary world. The better you are in presenting your point, the higher will be your chances to go up in the social hierarchy. 

Paraphrasing tools are the easiest way to learn writing skills. This article explains how they can help you write convincingly and effectively. If used right, they can make you a masterful writer. The only prerequisite is patience and constant practice.

By Aamer Khan Lodhi

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