online earning in Pakistan
online earning in Pakistan

Wondering about how to start online earning in Pakistan in the pandemic? The majority lost their income resources during the lockdown.

At the same time, around 66.7% of people direct towards making passive income in many ways.

If you are a person who also lost their income and want to make easy money for free, this article is for you. Keep reading to explore advanced ways that can pay more in 2021.

Things need to do before starting to earn online

Make your mind

Hearing someone else’s success story can seem fascinating and hype you at the time. You only listen to the positive outcomes. You don’t know the efforts and hardships they have put in to be in this place.

You always need to make up your mind. Whether you are ready to put all your effort into this or not?

Learn a skill

The next step is to learn about the relevant skill you’ll need for the career you choose for producing money. Like, if you want to design an app, you must have deep knowledge about technology and how things work.

Consistency & patience

The last thing you must follow to become professional is being patient and consistent about your work. Don’t lose hope in the beginning.

Steady work with passion can lead to satisfactory outcomes.

Ways to create passive income in 2021

Freelancing websites

Despite and LinkedIn where you can post and earn, there are best freelance websites for beginners that pay high for your service and are authentic like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

These platforms cover almost thousands of subjects like content writing, web designing/development, data entry, etc.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the most In-demand freelancing jobs in Pakistan 2021. You can choose this as a career due to their high demand in digital and content marketing. All you need is to make certain strategies to rank the sites.


Nowadays millions of people consider online earning in Pakistan by starting blogs or vlogs.

In blogging, you write and post blogs either on other sites or your blog about famous niches like fashion, sport, health, finances, etc.

In vlogging, you post the video content instead of pictures and write-ups.

YouTube channel     

This has become the second most paid online earning in Pakistan. All types of content appreciate on YouTube; it should not be violent or copied. You will not need any specific talent. More subscribers and views will pay you.

Sites for affiliate marketing

You can create websites for affiliate marketing. For this, you must have your blog or site where you can promote other company products by creating links.

Sell products/photos on the internet

You can sell either your or some other brand’s products or photos on Facebook, Instagram, etc. you must have an account, good intensity of followers, and interaction. 

Invest in already existed blog

You can invest in some else’s blog that has potential traffic. All you need is to buy one and then post your content. This way you can earn more.

Google AdSense

The easiest way for passive income is adding Google AdSense to your blog or website. These advertisements can pay you when visitors click on them. You must have nice traffic and know where to put them to not disturb the look of the page.


Yes, many companies and clients want potential workers for this purpose.

Like the web-based selling platforms Amazon, eBay, etc. pay to put positive reviews to attract more people. Book writers and content writers hire people to proofread and drop potential mistakes while improving the quality.

By Aamer Khan Lodhi

Top-Rated Freelancer, Digital Marketer, Blogger, SEO, Link Builder

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