Suppose you have a situation where you can’t pass the game anyway when you play computer games. At this time, many people will go online to find game strategy videos. The content of the videos is the same as your computer game screen. This is the free screen recorder no watermark.

In addition, many people now also take classes remotely. If they record the computer screen, it will be more convenient to teach the other party how to operate.

In fact, some computers have built-in screen recording functions, but many people don’t know how to use them.

Thus, this article is going to introduce a few installation-free computer screen recording tools.

The best 7 online screen recording software to use


FlexClip free screen recorder

FlexClip is a freemium computer screen recording tool, no need to download, and you can register for free, no need to worry about data leakage. The use is straightforward. Besides, it also has a detailed tutorial for you to refer to.

The recorded video can be edited immediately and can be downloaded and shared after completion.

In addition, in addition to recording videos for free, all additional functions are also free, including conversion, trimming, compression, etc. Best of best, screen recorder for PC without watermark.


Apowersoft provides two screen recording methods. In addition to using it online for free, you can also install it on the desktop. Its operation interface is very flexible and easy to understand. It also has a complete operation process description, which is very intimate.

Apowersoft has a variety of recording modes. You can choose full screen or specific window, through the simultaneous recording of video and sound, it will make the computer screen recording more smoothly.

Of course, it can also take screenshots, edit videos, and share them on other platforms.

Screen Capture

Screen Capture screen recorder no watermark

Screen Capture is a free online computer screen recording tool. Just use the mouse to record without installing any software or applications. The best thing is that it can be used for free unlimited times.

Screen Capture can capture all the content you want on the desktop, of course, including mouse tracks, windows, and index tags.

In addition, the recorded videos are of high quality and confidential and can be downloaded and shared quickly.


ClipChamp is an online computer screen recording tool that can easily operate and record computer screens in one step.

In addition to the general video editing functions, such as editing, conversion, and compression, it also provides other auxiliary editing functions, such as flipping, trimming, controlling saturation, customizing contrast and brightness, etc., which will help increase the recording quality.

However, you must register an account before using it or use FB, Google account to log in.


Panopto is a powerful application with many functions. In addition to computer screen recording, it can also edit and share videos.

The operation method is quite simple. After entering the webpage, you can directly prepare to start recording the video.

Because it can also record meetings, record lectures, course teaching, and process simulation, it is quite popular among universities and enterprises.

For individuals, you can use the basic version of Panopto for free. The advanced version of Panopto needs to be ordered monthly. For enterprises and universities, you can use the Panopto Enterprise Edition. Although you need to pay, it has complete functions.


Scrnrcrd is an online tool for computer screen recording, which can be used through a browser without installing additional software or applications.

The operation is not complicated at all, only recording, stopping, downloading, three control buttons, no extra functions, anyone can easily get started.

It also has the advantage of selecting the page or window to be recorded, so irrelevant content will not be recorded.

By the way, videos recorded with Scrnrcrd will be saved in WebM format after downloading.

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