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The Carrom board game is a classic board game that can be played with multiple players. Due to its wide popularity, plenty of online gaming platforms has made it available for their users to play. Many of these platforms also offer good money to winners. Like in the Getmega app, you can play carrom online against other real players and win up to Rs 10,000 daily. But to reach this level of expertise, you must know all the required information that will help you to perform well in the game. So let’s see what this game is all about and how you can win the game.

What is a carrom board game?

Carrom is a type of board game that resembles billiards and snooker. This board is square in shape with small boundaries and four small pots (or holes) at its four corners. It is played using the propelling coins (also called discs) and a striker. You strike coins with the help of the striker and send them into pots. There is also a queen coin which gives the highest points for potting. 

How to play a carrom game?

  • On the Getmega app, there are three types of coins- black coins of 1 or 2 points each, white coins of 3 points each and red coins (the queen) of 4 points.
  • Each player gets 10 points each and their objective is to reduce these points to zero by potting the coins. Whoever reduces their points to zero first, wins the game. 
  • The points are reduced according to the coins they are potting. For example, if you pot 3 numbered white coins, then 3 points will be deducted from your total 10 points. 
  • To cover the queen, a player also has to pot another coin in the very next strike.

Types of shots in carrom

Cut shot: When you strike the targeted coin at a certain angle, it is known as a cut shot.

Middle shot: When you hit two coins placed alongside each other with a single strike, the shot is called a middle shot.

Second hit: When you strike a coin to hit another coin that was out of your direct reach, it is called a second hit.

Common terms used in carrom

Queen: It is a red coloured carrom coin placed right at the centre of the table. It also offers the highest number of points for pocketing.

Foul: The wrong strike played by any player is considered a foul. It results in losing turn to play and also stand a penalty of a carrom coin. 

Due: After committing a foul, the player has to place a coin in the centre of the board. That carrom coin is called due.

Break: The very first strike used to break the circle of coins is called a break.

Covering: Pocketing a queen coin followed by pocketing any other coin is called covering.

White slam: Pocketing all the white coins with or without red coins on the first turn.

Black slam: Pocketing all the black coins with or without red coins on the first turn.

Tips to win the carrom game

Here are some of the tips that will help you to improve your game and win more money:

  • If you are breaking the circle (if you are playing the first strike), try to hit the centre of the circle. If you play the black shot, then your turn will be forfeited and given to your opponent.
  • If you are trying to cover the queen, make sure you have other coins available to you that you can pot in the very next strike. Because if other coins are out of your range, there are chances that you will fail to pot them and the queen will be placed again at the centre of the board.
  • Do not hit the striker outside the demarcated lines. If you do that, it will be considered a foul and the turn will be given to your opponent.
  • Always strike the coins with only that amount of force that is required. Otherwise, it may happen that the coin will not go into the pot.
  • Also, check the angle of your striker with which you are hitting the coin. It is very important to send the targeted coin in the right direction. 

Numerous online gaming platforms have added carrom into their list of games and they also offer money to winners of each game. But among all of these platforms, the outstanding one is offered by Getmega. This platform offers various tables for carrom with different winning money. This allows you to win up to Rs 10,000 every day. 

Getmega app is the hottest online gaming platform available in India where people play games against their friends or other people on the internet and win good money every day. People can even make new friends and voice and video chat with them while playing games.  There is a wide range of game categories available on this app. The category like Trivia has 123 and GK while the Card category has games like Rummy and Poker. It also has a casual category which includes games like Ludo, Dots & Dash and Fruit kaat.

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