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There were times when the games made with java and Symbian games were the only options for mobile gamers. It was a simpler time when the lightweight games were used to kill time. However, they are now obsolete with the rise of smartphones and heavy games like PUBG and Asphalt.

You can find retro games in the application store of your smartphone. Though, there were some other platforms for the previous generation phones that provided the applications for free. You should visit them for nostalgia as downloading from these websites is no longer recommended.

Old Websites That Were Once Used to Download Games in Mobile Phones

We should not forget the heroes of the past as they made our life fun. These websites were once preferred over the default app store for their extensive collection. You can still visit those websites without the modern interface for a flashback from the past.


WapTrick was among the go-to website for the nineties kids to download content on their mobile devices. It offered songs, videos, themes, games, and whatnot for the users for free. You can download Java games and Symbian apps with a super simple user interface.

You can still visit the website to surf the websites without the heavy visuals. However, the website has changed the address from to The downloadable content is available if you want to download from a previous generation source.


Sefan website was designed for Russian users in their native language. However, the English-speaking population can use it with a simple click of the mouse. The flag icon is easy to navigate on the homepage of the website.

You can download a huge amount of diverse content on the site. The lightweight content ensures the site loading speed is extremely fast compared to the modern standard. The site still offers new content to its user with an HTTPS protocol for safety assurance.


GetJar was among the biggest rival of the WapTrick site with an enormous collection of Java games. The developers are still making a profit from the site with thousands of daily visitors. The risk of virus-affected content is very low, and the data is quite secure with the HTTPS certification of the site.

You will get the latest content on site with games, music, and videos. It is the ideal site to download retro games made with java if you still own the previous generation Nokia phones. Moreover, you should give the site a visit to download APK files for the android games and apps.


WapDam was the site a majority of the Java gamers used to visit to download the latest games. However, it is no longer functional if you ever wanted to revisit the days when you owned the first phone with Java support. The layout was similar to WapTrick, with an uncanny resemblance for a guilty designer.

Like the other websites in this list, the content available included songs, videos, and games. You may not like the user interface if you are a fan of the modern, intuitive design.


ToxicWap was a popular website for Nokia device users in the early 20th century. It was the website where the users used to get games, movies, and songs. The site is exceptionally outdated, but the simpler times didn’t require a layout similar to the modern sites.

The developers have updated their site link for smartphone users. Type to visit the modern version of the site with an updated catalogue of movies.

A decade earlier, was the alternative for the 4shared site. It has one of the biggest collections of applications and games for early 20th century phones. However, the users encountered many hidden malware and viruses in those applications.

You can no longer access the site as of now. After 2017, the site was deleted forever from the internet. Though, there are numerous other sites available on the internet to share data with millions of other users.

How to Play the Retro Games in the 21st Century

Numerous methods are available if you ever want to relive your childhood days with endless hours of retro gaming. You can download those games made with java for free on your computer and run them with an emulator. Or, buy a dedicated device to play those games.

You can easily find the required title on the online sites to buy an offline copy. Even the device is comparatively cheap than the modern consoles. If the budget is too tight, contact a direct lender for no credit check loans with no guarantors.


To sum up, a flashback to the younger days without the excessive stress is a retreat for your mind. Though, you should avoid download from these sources because of the security risk. It is advised to get the dedicated emulators and gadgets to play retro games with purchase from official sources to protect your data and devices.


Some websites mention that earlier mobile phone users once used to download Java and Symbian games for a nostalgic trip in this b

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