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What is the best alternative to Codility? The following chart compares Codility with its top competitors. Find out how you can hire better technical talent by utilizing the best coding assessment platforms.

If you are interested in Codility alternatives, please take a look at this website. The WeCP is
an automated skill testing platform. You can create your test quickly.

Codility’s ranking among other top picks:

Codility VS other coding challenges: How does it compare? Competitors have their own features and functions, and they all differ from one another. In the following chart, you’ll find the six most popular Codility alternatives:


A screening platform for enterprises has existed for quite some time called Codility. Candidates looking to practice for interviews can also access resources from Codility.


Compliance features that are advanced

Candidates can be “ranked” against each other without looking at their code by non-technical hiring team members


Codility’s best feature is its screening tests. However, these might not be sufficient for hiring developers who have real-world experience.

Codility does not always work seamlessly, according to users (e.g., the UI is not always intuitive and tests are not always adequate).

Candidates don’t have a great reputation when it comes to the candidate experience.

Submit a code

Candidate-friendly and flexible, CodeSubmit is an assessment solution for technical positions. All sizes of teams can subscribe to CodeSubmit. Take-home coding assignments are primarily the focus at CodeSubmit, since we believe they are the best method of technical assessment for hiring teams and candidates alike. Our CodeSubmit Bytes screening tool helps teams identify talented coders in their huge pool of applicants by providing them with quick, real-life problems to solve.

CodeSubmit is designed for whom?

Regardless of the size of your team, CodeSubmit will work! Small businesses and startups with limited hiring needs are served as well as enterprises with on-going hiring needs all year round.


Our subscriptions include access to a library of over 200 unique challenges that can be customized to over 50 popular programming languages and frameworks.

Within a minute of setting up your existing interview challenges, you’re ready to go

A great candidate experience is designed both for your hiring team and the candidates, while ensuring a successful hiring process for all parties

Subscriptions with unlimited seats that are flexible and customizable

Provides seamless integration with the most popular applicant tracking systems

Its disadvantages include:

As we’re still a relatively young company (founded in 2019), we still have a long way to go with some enterprise-level features. Fortunately, we already have a pretty decent set of features in place.

AtherRank Provided

A major technical interview platform, HackerRank is one of the oldest and most popular in the world. Their experience as a former YC company allowed them to go after the technical assessment problem early on.

HackerRank is for whom?

Large corporations require HackerRank’s compliance-friendly tools, which are some of the best in the industry. Optimization occurs when you screen hundreds or thousands of candidates a month.


With HackerRank, you have access to a variety of developer assessment options – a live interview, pair programming, and a screening quiz.

A system that is easy to comply with


Online reviews aren’t great, particularly with regards to the candidate experience.

(pricing starts at $299/month, billed annually) The pricing is neither flexible nor affordable for smaller teams.

The Code Signal

CodeSignal offers developer tests and proctored coding assignment tests for hiring teams, as well as tools for screening, screening, and interviewing developers.

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