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In this modern era, customers are tired of obvious advertising, they are more likely to buy from a brand if it offers them amazing experiences and impressions. Explainer Video marketing is one of the best practices that allow products or services to connect with their customers at a personal level and encourage more human interaction. That’s why video marketing, especially animated video, is expected to become the most emphatic digital marketing trend in 2021.

Animated videos are short rounded videos commonly used to describe a product or service simply and creatively. They are under 1 minute in length and allow a product or service to reveal its unique personality through custom illustration, effects, and animation styles. Animated videos bridge different industries from financial sector real estate to digital marketing healthcare etc.

Hence if you would prefer animated videos to promote your brand, it makes you become successful and appears very helpful to reach the targeted audience. Furthermore, To get more ideas about why promotional videos should be animated, I will explain this in 5 ways to get it more. Let’s dive in

Engaging and interesting

As I told you, video content is very engaging, particularly animated ones. The audience likes to watch animated explainer videos because animated videos visualize your Idea, your thoughts, your emotions in a very beautiful graphical way, so you can’t doubt the engagement of an animated video. Try it yourself, how do you feel when you see an animated TV advertisement?

The lovable characters of the Animated Explainer Video force people to share it in their circle and it brings out the exciting flavor of it very effectively.

You can post an animated Explainer Video on your social media page and see how engaging it is, how it increases your views! You’ll be shocked after the result.


Believe it or not, animated videos are cost-effective and you can afford them very easily. You can make one on your own, it only requires some animation skills so it would be very helpful for you to express your ideas, your thoughts, your creation through an animated video because it can maximize your audience and can minimize your efforts.

Many video production companies like us, Essence Studios can create your animated video at an affordable rate. You can visit our site for the best results.

Useful for Marketing

An animated video can be a great tool for marketing. You can also read our article in which we told you about how animated videos can help you in digital marketing. So, you can embed your animated video on your website only by spending one time on an animated video production company. You can get a highly incredible animated video that is effective in creating an impact emotionally, creatively, and efficiently.

You can also use email marketing if you are creating your profile like on LinkedIn, Google my business page, you can embed your video there. An animated video can give a quick overview of your site. Rather than reading your content, the audience can see your site’s overview and can share it with their friend circle.

They can be viral

Being viral and being shareable are two same things but the difference is the number of shares. So you can create a video that is enjoyable, interesting, funny, creative, and informative at the same time so that people will ultimately be forced to share your video.

Make sure that the platform on which you are choosing to share a video is easily shareable. People usually share their videos with their friends when they find them interesting and enjoyable. You should try to conceptualize your theme in such a way so that it is interesting, informative, creative, and funny at the same time.

Mobile friendly

Most people use social media on their mobile phones. So, being mobile-friendly is so important in today’s generation and if your content is not mobile-friendly then you are likely to lose 60 to 70% of your audience. Animated videos are very mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly too. They can be played on any device and at any time.

It doesn’t matter what your audience is using, a mobile phone or a laptop you already know that it is going to create a great impact that’s why it is a very great idea to use an explainer animated video to create an impact on social media.

Let’s have a quick overview of what we discussed

How are animation videos beneficial for the promotion of your brand and services?

•   Animated videos are straightforward as the explanation of services and products are in a well-structured manner.

•    It helps in simplifying the delivery for the audience with a quick and understandable script.

•    The creativity and uniqueness of an animated video make your e-commerce product and service memorable for the audience. So, that the audience can go through your video rather than the complicated advertisements.

•    You can upload your e-commerce product and services animation video on any social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and several other platforms.

•    You can embed a short animated video on your website’s landing page for a better understanding of your brand.

So, this was all about this article, you should definitely give it a try at animated explainer videos. If you need any help from our company The ESSENCE STUDIOS, please let us know. Thank you.

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