Trino Marin is such a person as famous because of one of the worst crimes in the world. No doubt, crime is a part of every society

Trino Marin is such a person as famous because of one of the worst crimes in the world. No doubt, crime is a part of every society; however, if the criminal is your blood relation, how you can survive from the other person in the community. Therefore, every religion in the world sets some moral grounds for individuals. In addition, all must follow the moral foundations in the best interest of any society. Trino Marin, also called Jose Trinidad Marin, is a person whom her daughter accused of raping her. According to her daughter, all this happened when she was only eight years old. Moreover, his sister-in-law also claimed the same indictment against him. This article will reveal all the facts about the life history of Trino Marin. 

Who is Trino Marin (Jose Trinidad Marin)?

Jose was born in California, United States, on February 15, 1964. He married late Mexican singer and superstar Jenni Rivera, and Jose was unknown to the public before his marriage. At the same time, a man in the street knows Jenni very well as she is an actor, singer, and songwriter. Both kept their lives very personal after coming into a relationship, and there is very little information available about their personal lives on the internet. Both met in high school and decided to marry. However, Jenni was only a teenager then, and Jose worked in a cafe as an administrator. Furthermore, Jose was also from Mexico and had a Mexican American passport. 

The physical appearance of Jose Trinido Marin

Jose, with five feet ten inches high, is now almost fifty-seven years old. He is the husband of a celebrity, so he keeps himself up to date. According to his nearest sources, Jose weighs 67kg. Moreover, he looks handsome and still has a very charming personality.

Trino Marin’s relationship and children 

According to Jose’s interviews, they fell in love when Jenni was only 15 years old. He proposed to her at the age of 20, and in 1984, after a few months, they got married. Rivera got pregnant at the age of 17, and she was at school when she gave birth to her first child. However, the marriage ended in 1992, and there were three children of Jose. Trino Marin mistreated Jenni, her children, and his sister-in-law. Therefore, Trino married again and remained in Riverside country. There is no further information about his new spouse. However, Jenni died in an air crash on December 9, 2012.

What is the net worth of the assets of Trino Marin?

Jose is not a businessman, and he did different jobs in his life. At the start of his career, he started his job at a cafe as an administrative. However, according to the available information, his assets are between 800,000 USD to 600,000 USD.

The dispute in the family and trial of Jose Trinidad Marin

Mr. Jose’s life took a remarkable turn when he faced the severe allegations from his wife and sister-in-law. In 1997, Jenni’s younger sister revealed that Jose harassed his daughters. However, after the reports, it became clear that her allegations were correct. 

Therefore, there was one year trial between the actress and Marin. However, in the end, he was guilty. The court gave Jose 31 years of life imprisonment and clarified that there was no relaxation for good behavior. 

Jose’s children were there in the courtroom, and his daughter said she forgave her father. Moreover, she said she could not change the reality that Jose is his father. 

Where is Trino Marin now?

There were rumors that Jose was released from jail because of his excellent conduct. However, one of his brothers publically denied it and said he was in good health. Furthermore, some people signed a petition against his release, and it shows they are still furious at his dirty acts and don’t want to see him out of jail. 

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