Virtual Event Production

Virtual events offer a range of capabilities that enable attendees to network and engage with exhibitors, speakers, and sessions. This includes video chatting, messaging, Q&A, and polling.

Mobile event apps also allow planners to capture a wide range of attendee data, enabling them to see their ROI after the virtual event.

Convenient Engagement

Undoubtedly, virtual event technology makes engaging attendees during and long after the event accessible. Whether networking lounges or in-app chat and matchmaking functionality, virtual events allow people with shared interests to meet.

For events where speakers present from their home, a studio, or another location away from the event, an expert virtual event production team is essential to providing a high-quality event experience. Lighting, acoustics, microphones, and webcams can all conspire to cause audio or video to stream poorly or drop off altogether. A skilled producer can create the ideal presentation station for each speaker and provide real-time support if problems arise.

Attendee satisfaction surveys and app insights help planners understand what aspects of the virtual event appeal most to their audience. This information can be used to optimize future online events. For example, if cooking classes and guided tastings are popular features, a production team may consider adding these elements to future online events.


Virtual events are a great way to drive awareness, generate leads, and create value for your audience. You can use them to boost brand awareness, host interactive engagement, offer merch sales, or deliver content that is difficult to replicate in person.

An experienced virtual event producer can help you formulate a strategic plan that connects with your goals and objectives. They will also manage your virtual event’s AV logistics so you can focus on engaging your attendees.

Hosting an in-person event can cost thousands of dollars, but virtual events are relatively affordable. While the costs of producing an online event will vary depending on your platform, production needs, and interactivity features, a reliable AV company can provide comprehensive services that fit any budget. For example, they can assist with planning your event, choosing a suitable venue, delivering high-quality audio and video, and providing live streaming. They can even address accessibility concerns like providing ASL interpreters and single or multiple-language live captioning.

Reaching a Wider Audience

Virtual events allow businesses to reach audiences who might otherwise miss out. This can be an excellent opportunity for companies trying to connect with busy professionals who may need more time to travel and meet in person.

In addition, virtual events can provide more flexibility for speakers and special guests whose schedules are constrained by travel restrictions. It can also help you avoid the logistical headaches of crowded check-in lines, cramped breakout sessions, and crowded networking lounges.

A professional production crew can deliver a high-quality event that looks and feels just like an on-site conference. They’ll design a virtual set to complement the in-room experience and create custom graphics to enhance the overall quality of your live stream. They’ll also ensure attendees can hear speakers clearly without constantly adjusting their volume. They’ll also ensure attendees can access valuable follow-up content after the event. This helps you generate leads and build relationships with new customers.

Easily Distribute Content

When hosting a virtual event, the right production crew ensures that the experience is seamless for both in-person attendees and those joining remotely. They’ll ensure that a live stream is of high quality with the ability to zoom in on faces, that there are multiple screens and monitors for an immersive event experience, and design a look that matches your branding. They’ll also have a backup plan for anything that may go wrong, like equipment malfunctions or slow internet connections.

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