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SEO is a thing that needs to be updated constantly to achieve the best results. SEO trends popular five years ago may not be valid now. But, why? Search engines keep on updating their algorithms to provide the most accurate results to the users. So, you can’t afford to miss on the latest SEO trends to attract genuine traffic and increase ROI. Let’s see the latest SEO trends:

# Optimizing content for User Search Intent

Content is like the heart of the whole website. How can we expect a website to survive with crap content?

Some digital marketers think that optimizing content for search engines will shoot up their rankings. Is it so? The main target of search engines is users. So, designing content according to the target customers will yield better results. You can access the services of SEO company India to optimize your content as per customer requirements.

Now, how does search intent matter? Every year user behavior changes. So, Google matches the results with the user search intent. For example, “shoes near me” is different from “best shoes for running,” and “sports shoes.” Therefore, valuable and original content specific to the user’s nature is of considerable importance.

# Mobile-first Indexing

Google launched Mobile-first Indexing in 2019 to cater to mobile users. But, why was it required? More than 90% of the global internet traffic comes from Mobile. So, mobile-friendliness matters the most in 2021. The point is how to achieve Mobile friendly website:

  1. Responsive: A responsive website adjusts well on any screen. Users need not zoom, pinch, scroll or struggle with the website to access images, tables, text, and other embedded elements.
  2. AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages are eight times faster than regular web pages. They are tailor-made for Mobile.
  3. Enable Bot Crawling: Robot.txt file must allow the Google bot to crawl the website on Mobile. If it is not so, then search engines can’t index websites on Mobile. So, check out the Robot.txt file coding to enable crawling. 

# Voice Search Optimization

Voice searches account for 50% of the total product searches online. Searches like “Near Me,” “Local best buy,” “services nearby” have surged like anything. For doing voice search optimization, follow these steps:

  1. Understand the behavior of your customer and concern areas.
  2. You can make a list of their slang and conversational language.
  3. Create persona-specific solid content.
  4. Google My Business Listings are a must so that your customers can easily find you on the web.
  5. Long-tail keywords are the ones that can give you maximum and better results.

Have you thought about FAQs? People put up frequently asked questions for making purchases online and informational voice searches. So, why not grab this opportunity to land higher on SERPs.

# Video Content

The present generation prefers video content rather than audio or written content. But, why? High customer engagement power! If an image can speak worth 100 words, then videos can shout more than 1000 words. The big question is, how to design video content? Businesses have different services and products.

Giving the description “How to use products,” and “ How is it beneficial for the target buyers” will illustrate to users more about your products. It leads to a direct increase in sales and a higher conversion ratio. So, it is necessary to avail the chance of influencing customers with the video content.

# Knowledge Graph and Entities

Knowledge Graph and Entities are rising these days to which many experts lookup for. Have you heard about Schema Markup? Are you providing detailed and credible content in your field? Google considers industry leaders as entities.

Additionally, search engines develop knowledge graphs of entities. But, how does Google form knowledge graphs? It is with the help of Schema markup and matching information from other sources like social media, Wikipedia, and online listings. To increase the trustworthiness and authority, you can:

  1. Create Schema markup and tell search engines about the relevance of data at your website.
  2. Be active in updating information on social media and niche-based listings.
  3. Cover maximum topics on your subject. Provide well-researched content. Give details of almost all concerned areas of your target customers.


In brief, working on the latest SEO trends is like converting up your old website into a brand new one. It is more like a magnet that can attract clients to your marketing funnel. These are the points you can take care of:

First, design your content as per customer needs.

Second, video content highlights the call to action part very well.

Next, Don’t forget to add schema markup in your coding.

Further, make sure to channelize ever-growing voice searches.

Last but not least, focus on mobile optimization to cater to a large chunk of clients.

So, which one of the SEO trends are you planning to target first?

By Aamer Khan Lodhi

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