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The world is changing with every passing day. It is becoming more connected so much so that the distances have been shrunk to almost nothing. The telecommunication industry has also evolved thanks to technological advancements which are bringing people and communities together. International callers have long been using pricey calling cards and insufficient data plans which make the calling experience quite daunting and frustrating. Need to find some best international calling app.

But hold on, how about an app that can offer quality and low rate international calls? That is possible now with this new app on the block, SlickCall.


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SlickCall is the best app for making international calls which allows you to enjoy a seamless and smooth calling experience anywhere at any time. What makes SlickCall so special is its affordable cost and reliable connection. SlickCall uses an innovative technology called Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) that enables you to make audio calls via an internet connection as opposed to the traditional phone lines.

In the case of SlickCall, the catch here is that you can use an international phone call app on your iPhone or Android device to call someone who doesn’t have a Wi-Fi or smartphone or both. The call is received by the recipient of the call on their sim card just like a normal call. Sounds amazing. Isn’t it?

SlickCall also allows you to record the calls so that you can hear the voice of your loved ones again and helps us to improve the quality of our services.

Moreover, the fact that the service is being offered in a large number of countries makes it the best VoIP app for international calls. The app is quite user-friendly and offers dual functionality for personal and business use. The sign-up process is quite easy and allows users to set up their SlickCall account without any hassle.

Once the app has been installed by the user, the user is asked to register which requires the user to enter their active mobile number. An OTP is then sent to the user’s email address to verify the number. After the necessary verification, the user is asked to fill up the rest of the credentials like their name, active mobile number, payment method, etc. The user can then purchase calling plans depending on their requirement. Every time a user logs in, an OTP is generated which helps to keep the user’s SlickCall account secure.

What makes SlickCall more fascinating is that it operates without any hidden or additional charges and provides a liberating yet premium calling experience. So choose us and get ready to enrich your calling journey!

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