How to Avoid Getting Banned When You Have Amazon Multiple Account

Having Amazon multiple accounts can boost your sales and profits, but it also comes with risks. Find out how to prevent getting banned and maintain your business.

Amazon multiple accounts can help you grow your business, but they also require careful management. If you don’t pay close attention, you will most likely be banned by Amazon. This causes your business performance to decline. Discover how to create and run multiple accounts without risking a ban from Amazon.

When to open multiple Amazon seller accounts?

Amazon has a strict policy that limits sellers to having only one account unless they have a legitimate business need for having more than one. This policy is designed to prevent sellers from abusing the platform and creating unfair competition. However, there are some situations where having Amazon multiple account can be beneficial for sellers, such as:

  • Managing different brands or products and wanting to separate them. Some sellers may have multiple brands or product lines that target different audiences or markets. Having separate accounts can help them create distinct identities and reputations for each brand or product, as well as avoid confusion and overlap among customers.
  • Selling goods in different geographical regions and wanting to optimize shipping and tax costs. Some sellers may want to expand their business to different countries or regions, where they can access more customers and opportunities. Having separate accounts can help them reduce the shipping and tax costs associated with cross-border transactions, as well as comply with the local laws and regulations of each region.
  • Testing different business strategies and measuring their effectiveness. Some sellers may want to experiment with different approaches to selling on Amazon, such as pricing, marketing, advertising, customer service, etc. Having separate accounts can help them compare the results and performance of each strategy, as well as learn from their successes and failures.

What should be kept in mind when opening Amazon multiple accounts to avoid being banned?

Before opening Amazon multiple accounts, they should be aware of the risks and challenges involved in not being an Amazon banned account. You need to pay attention to the following things when opening a seller account on Amazon:

Amazon only allows you to have one seller account, unless you have permission from them. If you want to open Amazon multiple account, you need to meet the conditions such as:

  • Having a legitimate business reason for having multiple accounts, such as selling different types of products or serving different markets.
  • Do not sell the same or competing products on your multiple accounts, or use them to manipulate prices, ratings, reviews, or sales rank.
  • Do not share or use the same personal or financial information on your multiple accounts, such as email address, phone number, credit card number, bank account number, IP address, device, cookie, or other identifiers.
  • Notifying Amazon of your multiple accounts and providing clear and reasonable explanations for having them. 

Providing accurate and different information and documents for each seller account. Don’t use email, phone number, credit card number, bank account number, IP address, device, cookie or other information that has been used for other accounts.

Complying with the rules and policies of Amazon regarding product quality, customer service, delivery, tax, warranty, etc. If you violate these rules and policies, you may be suspended or permanently banned by Amazon from all your accounts.

How to handle being banned for related Amazon seller accounts

Being banned for related Amazon multiple account is a serious issue that can affect your business and reputation. You should act quickly and carefully to recover your account and avoid further problems. You should follow these steps to not be banned:

First, find out why you were banned. Amazon usually sends a notification explaining the reason for the suspension. It may say that the account is related to another account that is suspended or has violated the terms of service.

Second, identify the related account. You need to know which account Amazon has linked to yours and why. 

Third, write a Plan of Action (POA). This is a document that explains how you will resolve the issue and prevent it from happening again. POA should include the following elements:

  • A clear and honest explanation of why your account was related to another account.
  • A description of the steps you have taken or will take to separate your account from the related account.
  • A statement of how you will ensure compliance with Amazon’s policies and guidelines in the future.

Fourth, appeal the suspension. After writing POA, you can submit it to Amazon via Seller Central. You should provide any evidence or documentation that supports your case.

Fifth, seek a service that helps Amazon banned account. Which you can find in Amazoker with the Amazon Appeal service. This is a service that helps you restore your account professionally, without wasting time. With a clear, methodical process, you can easily and quickly get your account back without having to do any of the above.

By paying attention to these things above when opening Amazon multiple account, you can avoid any potential issues with your account. The article also shows how to handle when a seller account is banned by Amazon. Hopefully, you have chosen the right solution for you.

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