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Freelancing in Pakistan is the fastest growing business in the world for the last few decades.

Every third person in the world is looking for a virtual job to earn from his home even without moving from his chair.

Freelancing means doing a job for someone who is not available physically at your place. In this field, the buyer and seller both communicate from their spaces.

The seller does his task and delivers the work over the internet to the buyer. Due to ease of this field, everyone is moving towards it for creating a better way of income.

According to some stats, the freelance community in Pakistan has grown up to 150% in recent 5 years.

The reason is the awareness about this field from various channels like YouTube, Facebook, and others.

In this article, we will show you which tools you should get to work as a freelancer and do freelancing in Pakistan.

Before moving to that particular list of tools, we will shortly tell you about the importance of tools for freelancers.

Why tools are important for freelancers?

In past, the competition in this field was not high enough as it is in the current time.

Now, if you want to become a successful freelancer by doing freelancing in Pakistan, you should not leave a single stone in providing quality work.

To maintain this factor, you should need few tools that will keep assisting you throughout the work.

Because of the huge number of sellers in every field, it has become difficult to get permanent clients. It is only possible if you have gained trust from the buyer.

You can do this only if you are providing timely work with quality assurance.

That is why it has become difficult for everyone now to get trust from the buyer and convert him into a permanent client.

Because of these reasons, you need few tools to keep track of your work.

5 tools for freelancers in 2021

The list of tools that you may get as a freelancer is pretty long. We have wrapped that list and created a list of 5 helping tools for freelancers in 2021.

You should use all of these tools in different sections of your work to be successful in the field. Let’s have a look at those essential tools that you must use.

1.     Google Calendar

The core point on which you have to focus is time management.

You should keep a track of your work and complete it before the final date. Also, you should do every task related to your job within the given timeframe.

Many people feel it hard to get a calendar and mark different events on it at multiple sections. Google Calendar is the best way to deal with such conditions and solve the issue.

With this amazing tool, you can set meeting times, get alerts before the meetings, create events, and do many other tasks.

In short, it will keep you informed and alert for being the best in the freelancing field. You can also write location credentials (Tool name like Zoom, Google Meet, etc) on this calendar.

Therefore, you should keep this tool to do time management of your work.


A prominent freelance community in Pakistan is related to the writing field. Many people are doing online writing like blog writing, article writing, product description writing, and others.

For all those writers, it is important to maintain quality by writing unique content on the required topic.

Many times, it happens that a writer finds duplication in his work even he was writing with great care.

In such conditions, a writer must use a plagiarism checker. On this platform, you will find over 100 tools that you can use for different freelancing tasks.

For writers, they have an efficient, quick, and reliable tool to check plagiarism. A writer can paste his content to check whether someone has written the same content or not.

This tool will use billions of web pages and published papers available on the internet as a database to find exact similarities. So, there will be no chances of mistakes in its results.

In short, this tool will act as a career-saving for many of the writers working as a freelancer.

Also, you can get in touch with other tools like Google indexer, Domain Authority Checker as per your requirements.


If you have found plagiarism in your work and find it difficult to rewrite, don’t worry. is offering the best paraphrasing tool for those writers who find themselves in confusion while rewriting sentences.

With this tool, you can do this task quickly without harming the actual meaning of your writings. You only have to paste the copied sentences in the text box. freelancing tool freelance tool

Then, you have to hit the given “Paraphrase Now” button. The tool will rewrite your given lines or paragraphs to make them unique.

Now, you can check it with the above-mentioned plagiarism checker to make sure whether it is still a duplicated line or not.

4.     Dropbox

Once you have double-checked your work and sure that you have completed it perfectly. Now, the process to deliver or share the work will come your way.

Being a freelancer, you may have to work for multiple clients and store a large amount of data. In this way, your device may go out of storage after few months.

You can’t delete the previous data to use it in the future for various tasks. Dropbox is a cloud storage program with which you can resolve this problem.  

With this, you can save your device’s internal storage. Also, you can share your work with anyone using this cloud storage.

The only thing you have to do is to ask them for downloading it and create an account.

5.     Time Doctor

Sometimes, you have to do work for a client in a specific period. For such conditions, you need a tool that keeps track of your working time and informs the authority.

Time Doctor is one of those amazing time tracking software with which you can complete this task. You only have to sign up for this account by following a simple process.

Once you have signed up, the authority or buyer will keep an eye on your screen. He will be able to see whatever you are doing on your laptop’s screen.

In addition, the software will capture your screen and save all the screenshots in a dashboard. So, your project owner can view those images to see whether you were doing work in his absence or not.

In short, Time Doctor is the perfect tool to keep an eye on the working of a freelancing in Pakistan from any corner of the world.

Final Verdict

We have made this list of tools by looking at the necessities of freelancing in Pakistan. You must have these tools to work with confidence for anyone around the globe.

Without these tools, you won’t be able to experience beyond expectation progress in your field.  

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