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The employment industry is rapidly shifting to freelance jobs options as the world economy transforms with each passing year. But there are a lot of technical points to consider when you are your own boss. And things can go down a risky path in case of any misstep.

To make the journey of self-employment easier for you, we present here a concise and reliable guide. It encompasses business structure to long-term goals and everything in between. So, let’s get started on how to start a successful and profitable freelancing business of your own.

The basics of freelance jobs

The first thing you must be aware of is the different types of freelance jobs that exist in the market. The terms vary from one to the next, so it is important to know at least a few. It will help you decide what kind of a job you want to take on.

To begin with, we have independent contractors, who handle contract and supplemental work per project. Then there are moonlighters for whom freelancing is a side business along with a full-time position. Diversified workers do it half and half. It means that their working hours are equally split between traditional jobs and freelance jobs.

The final two types are freelance business owners and “temps” or temporary workers. The former is the top-tier ideal version of the freelancer hierarchy where you hire freelancers to do work for you. But that does take a lot of time and effort to achieve which is why only 5% of these exist. Temps on the other hand as must be evident, work on short-term contracts.

Building your brand, network, and a professional portfolio

These elements should be on top of your list once you have decided to follow freelancing as a career.


Creative professionals like writers, designers, artists, and photographers always emphasize the importance of portfolios. A well-made online portfolio is similar to a trophy case where you display every glorious achievement. As more and more freelance workers shift online, each one has to construct an impressive presence to stand apart.

Portfolios can consist of testimonials and case studies along with quantifiable data and key performance indicators. If you are already a creative professional, include information about how your services have benefited your clients.

Personal branding

Once the base is set, you will need to make yourself known on the right channels. Major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest should of course be first in line.

But you will also need to research deeper for reaching out to individuals who are directly involved in the field. The best way to do it is to become a part of an online community. It exposes you to industry-related news, employment leads, and expert advice.

Another way to establish your presence is by creating content like blogs and articles on your own or other websites. Content owned and created by you optimizes search engine ranks and generates traffic. By exposing your work to users, you demonstrate expertise and credibility in your profession.


It is critical for freelancers to work on networking in order to win jobs and build their careers. According to research done by experts of CV services UK, thirty-five percent of freelancers depend on professional contacts for finding projects.

Find events and get-togethers online related to your field and take part in them. Get some business cards printed with the web address of your portfolio and email, to hand over on such occasions. But make sure to whip them out only when necessary. Your first actions would be to observe and share credible information about yourself once a conversation is struck.

Submitting proposals and finding freelance assignments

To start with, you will need to get involved in multiple projects, especially as a newcomer in the field. But where to find these projects to kept you busy and paid during the coming months?  Well, here is how:

The online market

In-person referrals will always remain your best friend in the job search. However, freelancers must also rely on online employment platforms. Technology actually helps seventy-three percent of freelancers find projects.


The first thing to consider in proposals is not to spam people with your work, ideas, or promotional items. This only serves to annoy potential clients and discourage them from contacting you.

Before submitting an idea, understand the client’s goals and project challenges. Find that out by having a brief phone conversation or even a meeting over coffee. Once you have discussed their objective and requirements then ask them if they would like to see your ideas. If the response is in assent, then you can send a digital proposal to them.

It should contain the following elements:

  1. Approach: enlist the project goals and describe how they will benefit the client. Discuss how these goals will be accomplished.
  2. Timeline: When and how the project will be delivered.
  3. Budget: Be open about the costs. Claiming any charges after the signing of the contract creates a bad impression. Inform them early on about how much everything will cost them.
  4. Cover letter: This is where you get to shine and present yourself in the best light. Due to its importance, it is best to entrust this part to professionals like cover letter writing service UK website.

Be certain to follow up after you have submitted your proposal. It is acceptable to check-in through phone or in-person call to know their response in 10 to 14 days.


By applying these guidelines, you can begin a career in freelancing. With the right documents and portfolio, you are likely to pick up great projects. But it also takes perseverance and patience to reach the stage of substantial profit in self-employment.

You must first create a presence and reputation for yourself to prove your authenticity. With these few tips in mind, you can build your brand virtually. Technology is the best tool at your disposal as a freelancer, so make the most out of it. And do not be discouraged if a few setbacks await you on the way. They will only help you learn some important lessons and emerge stronger than before.

By Aamer Khan Lodhi

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