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Who Is Huzaifa Ali?

Huzaifa Ali, CEO & Founder of Ecommerce Success Pakistan (ESP), is a Pakistani national with years of experience in eCommerce, Amazon Brand Selling, and other international eCommerce Channels and Software Development. Born and raised in Pakistan, he decided to serve Pakistan by sharing his knowledge and helping people build their eCommerce businesses on international markets such as Amazon, Etsy & eBay.

Huzaifa Ali, after spending years in the USA, came back to the motherland Pakistan to share the experience and knowledge of the eCommerce business in Pakistan. Having years of experience in Amazon Wholesale FBA, Huzaifa Ali was the first one to introduce the safest business model of Amazon (Wholesale FBA) in Pakistan.

With the minimum risk factor involved, people can easily start their business with less amount of investment. To give the better opportunity to learn about money-making skills, Huzaifa Ali has made an online learning platform named Video Success Camp (VSC) where different digital courses are available for the students.

What is ESP and how it is helping Pakistanis?

ESP is the fastest-growing eCommerce community in Pakistan with over 150k members. ESP’s CEO Huzaifa Ali is working hard to make Pakistan an eCommerce hub by spreading awareness about the eCommerce industry in youth and awakening their hidden talent to work as an entrepreneurial mindset. He aims to transfer knowledge to bring a constructive change in Pakistan to inspire people to start their own multi-million online international business and help build the economy of Pakistan.

Huzaifa is setting up the trend of providing facilities to almost every Pakistani to learn about the eCommerce industry online in almost every city of Pakistan by guiding them through VSC and conducting Meet-up sessions across the country. ESP is offering multiple training programs based on physical and online modes of teaching. Currently, ESP is operating in 9 different cities of Pakistan with continuous growth.

Ultimate Vision of ESP

The ultimate vision of Huzaifa is to make every Pakistani an entrepreneur and make him/her earn at least 1000$ per month, generating Millions of US Dollars of annual revenue adding to Pakistan’s economy. He encourages every female to build her business on Etsy and become an independent entrepreneur.

With a vision to create every youngster an Amazon FBA Entrepreneur leading to inject Million Dollars in Pakistan’s economy and make Pakistan a global eCommerce hub along with raising the bar of human capital development in Pakistan, Huzaifa’s brainchild, Ecommerce Success Pakistan is the fastest-growing entrepreneurial platform.

Why Amazon Wholesale Business Model is safest?

The Wholesale FBA model was created to help people leverage big brands through the power of wholesale to easily replicate what’s already working on Amazon. This unique system allows you to support small mom-and-pop shops so that you become the Robin Hood of Wealth and still profit at the same time, which is unlike most courses out there that promote small business competition, not cooperation. The wholesale model does not require a hefty investment like other models and the risk percentage is minimal.

VSC (Video Success Camp)

Video Success Camp (VSC) is the largest learning library offered by ESP which includes all Amazon business model learning solutions in a video-based course format. Includes detailed contents about US/UK company formationsWholesale FBAPrivate LabelDrop ShippingAffiliate MarketingEtsyeBayDomains, etc.

VSC is designed to help everyone especially the ones who cannot afford the expensive training programs. VSC is good for people who want to do business on their own or offer their services as VA or Freelancer to another business. VSC is a fully recorded video-based course, doesn’t include hands-on training.

How students can avail FREE access to VSC?

There is a certain process to get access to Video Success Camp VSC, students can apply for VSC through the website of ESP. Following the process of applying students do not have to go through the hectic process and arrange different documents for registration, they simply need to submit a copy of their CNIC, and complete information and they will get access within 24 hours after the payment confirmation.

Huzaifa Ali states that all the updated strategies are added to the VSC to make it easy for students to learn about the specific course. Students can learn and start generating their income easily without any hesitation. Complete guidance is provided in the course by professional and experienced trainers.

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