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One thing that everyone admits in their lives is finding maths tough. School life gives us one of the most important or golden moments of our lives. In school, we learn many things and most importantly make new friends. We all like to remember the golden moments which we had in our school lives. In school life, we play, study, and enjoy our lives. The only thing that we used to fear in our school lives is a test or an exam of a particular subject that we are not able to understand properly. Maths is a nightmare for many students.

Maths have one of the most difficult concepts which are hard to understand. That is why many students are afraid of a test or an examination of maths. If a student learns to play with the questions of math, then it is not that tough. Dividing fractions is one of the concepts of math which can be easy to understand if a student learns to play with it.

What are dividing fractions?

First of all, we need to know what is the meaning of fractions. Fractions are also known as a part of a whole number. It can be represented as x/Z, where the upper part of the fraction which is X is known as the numerator and the lower part of the fraction is known as the denominator. Every operation which is present in maths can be performed infractions. Operations like multiplication, subtraction, addition and even division can be performed in these fractions.

Now the meaning of dividing fractions is clear. It means that it is there multiplication of one fraction with the other fraction. in this multiplication One fraction is reversed. this reversing of a fraction is also known as a reciprocal of the fraction. For example, the reciprocal of x/z will be z/x. In other words, it is the interchanging of the numerator with the place of the denominator.

The process of Dividing a fraction

There are three steps in which a fraction can be divided are given in the following points

Division of a fraction with the other fraction

This way includes some simple steps. A fraction can be easily solved if a person follows these steps. First, students should write the reciprocal of the second fraction which is given in the question. Reversing the position of the numerator and the denominator will make the reciprocal of that fraction. A student should always remember that he or she does not have to create a reciprocal of both the equations. Only the reciprocal of the second equation must be done.

Changing the sign between the two fractions.

In this method division and multiplication is on the opposite sides of each other. When we perform the earlier method, we have a reciprocal of that fraction. As soon as we have the reciprocal of that equation, we have to change the sign which is present between these equations. The sign of division should be changed into the sign of multiplication as soon as the reciprocal of a fraction is done.

Simplifying the answer to the question.

In this step, the only thing which is left is the simplification of the fraction. This thing is important because this will give the correct answer to your solution. Moreover, an answer to a question is always said in a simple form. No answer to a question is said in the form of a fraction. Therefore, this step may be an easier one but is the important one.

So, it can be concluded that the concept of fractions is not that tough as it seems. A student should be afraid of this concept as this concept is a simpler one. This concept of fraction should be learned properly as this concept becomes a basic concept that is used in almost every question related to any concept. Cuemath is a site that gives important topics related to things like equivalent fraction on their site.  A student should always visit this site for valuable knowledge.

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