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We are round with full of colors. There is nothing that is without color except water. The fruits, vegetables, houses, flowers, and tall building are full of color. When a child tries to recognize things the first thing that attracts him the most is colors.

Colors help a child in developing many skills in his mind. The skills like language skills, and vocabulary skills. Color attracts people in many ways. It also depends on the mood. Color affects many people moods like a song. For example, pink color attracts the girls, and blue color attracts the boys.

Learning colors for toddlers.

Many mothers in the world feel panic that why their children are not like other children. Why he cannot recognize colors, and shapes of things when they are in the learning age of colors. So this article is obviously for you. You will find many creative things in this article that how to attract them with color full sheets of shapes and how to color them.

There are numerous color sheets present on the market and online. That will attract your child. Here are some tips for teaching a toddler to colors on color sheets in an attractive way. Coloring books are a timeless pastime. Many coloring sheets are on market and are also available online.

Steps involved in learning colors

Here are some tips and steps for a mother to apply to a child for the best color tips.

  • Try an attractive color.

The most important thing in a coloring book is to choose a color those appeals to your child. Choose those colors that your child prefers. It will ease the problem of coloring.

  • Choose an attractive book.

As you choose colors that appeal to your child. In the same way, choose coloring books that appeal to your child. It is not necessary to take the full book. There are many coloring sheets available online. You can download them as well as print them according to your child’s choice.

  • Find a proper area.

Try to create a proper comfort zone for your kids. Having an uncomfortable place will distract him. He will not pay heed to his coloring.

  • Use crayons and markers.

Most kids have habit of using stationary of adults. In this way, marker colors will attract him. Crayon is also a great choice for him. Crayons work like chock. Which will help him colour smoothly?

  • Decide all colors.

When your children want to colour, keep all the colours you attend to use with you. Having no proper colors with you will also help him to become distracted.

  • Choose the proper time.

According to study, if your child is not in mood of study, he will not give his full attention to his studies. So it is very important for you to choose the proper time for him. Try to schedule time after breakfast. This will be easy for you as well as for your child.

  • Color along the borders first.

Coloring along the border first, then mid area, will prevent from coloring outside the border. This will also have a great impact on art. So it is important for a mother to instill this habit in his/her child.

Tip to teach your child to recognize difficult colors.

Here are a few tips you can teach your children to help them learn difficult colors.

  • Try different activities at home with your child. Give them proper time.
  • The Blue color is a difficult color for a child to recognize. You can learn them in an easy way. You can show them different common things like blue pens, blue ink, etc.
  • Make a colorful necklace for your kids to learn colors. Girls love to wear jewelry. Colorful jewelry will attract your child in a different way.
  • Another common technique is to read out loud. Reading it out loud, then place your finger on that color. This method will help him learn quickly. After a few moments, ask them what this color is.
  • By combining colours, you can make sensory colors. Take two different colours and add another colour to make a different color.
  • Use different videos to learn difficult colors. Different videos are available on Google. This will make learning easiest for a child. There are different colouring activities videos available on YouTube. Try videos for your kids, but for a limited time. Televisions contain harmful rays. This will affect his mind.

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