apple users

Apple Users

Quite a few people want to have a Mac, even if it is heavily priced. It’s more than a laptop; because of its high functional capabilities, it is considered an extension to your Apple users devices, including iPad, iPhone, and more. 

MacBooks and Mac desktops offer an invaluable user experience with best-in-class features that other operating systems struggle to compete with, which comes in handy for one’s work. Apple focuses on delivering portable devices with top-notch hardware and software specifications but offers low storage in its MacBook lineup. However, the low storage capacity of the MacBooks is not a question of concern among Apple users.

Let’s understand why.

Apple’s Marketing Strategy 

Apple is unbeatable in terms of its marketing plans and strategies, and it takes up years of experience to be able to think differently. Low variant MacBooks at comparatively affordable prices can be a marketing hack to lure people into buying and using Macs. Once people become used to Apple’s premium devices and unmatched user experience, they will want to get the high storage variant at a much higher price. 

Low variant Macbooks may mean to increase the buyers as they will later want to buy more advanced versions. However, if you too purchase a low capacity Mac, there are several options that you may consider to improve the storage space in your device.

SSD Integration Can Be the Reason

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The efficiency evaluation of the storage devices cannot be done on the basis of the space or cost; it’s more than that. Other aspects like performance, technology, energy consumption, and reliability must be taken into account. Macs integrate solid-state drives, which are comparatively faster and reliable as they capture and store data in integrated circuits. 

Solid-State drives do not have moving parts, unlike hard disk drives, for reading and writing data to the disk. SSDs are thinner and more efficient in terms of power consumption. Having a smaller solid-state drive is a preferable option to having a bigger hard disk. Since Macs and MacBooks integrate SSDs, they are superior in terms of storage and performance. 

iCloud Drive is Always There

Users are aware of the fact that Apple offers few different ways to improve the storage on the device, and moving data to iCloud Drive is one among them. On signup, iCloud gives all the users 5GB of free space that you can use to Store almost all kinds of data such as documents, emails, images, and videos, or graphics, etc.

If you select to move data to iCloud, you will have to first create an account. Apart from iCloud, you can also sign up for Dropbox or OneDrive Cloud storage accounts for better space management. In addition, you can store 15 GB of data to Google Drive without spending anything. 

External Hard Drive Storage Option

Low Storage MacBooks

Data that we store on external hard drives prevents us from losing data in the events of accidental deletions, inappropriate device functionality, and much more. Hard drives are considered a great backup tool as they are available handy and at a reasonable price. You can also use external hard drives as a backup tool to backup data using Time Machine. 

After moving data to the external hard drive, you can make a lot of storage space on the internal drive. This will also boost the performance of your system as the hard drive has become lighter than ever. While moving data to an external drive, you may delete unnecessary apps and old files that have become outmoded over time. Since external storage is lighter and reasonable, Mac users can utilize them for storing or archiving important data.

MacBook Optimization Free Up Space 

Another reason why Apple manufacturers are not offering the high storage capacity variant is that consistent MacBook optimization can lead to making some storage on the media, making it a reliable device. System optimization is an important task that you need to perform on every single device, whether they are macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, or other. 

Always try to keep your device clean by removing clutter, uninstalling unnecessary applications, erasing redundant data, deleting unneeded programs, and more. You may also clean Other Storage for building up better storage. If you find it difficult to delete applications manually, you can use third-party applications to accomplish the task. Click here to get more information on uninstalling apps from Mac. 


When it comes to the storage drive, spending on a high variant MacBook is always an option. You can also utilize cloud storage platforms such as iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox to improve the storage. In case you run short of space, you can purchase more Cloud Storage at a very minimal price. 

Well, all of the above-mentioned storage and optimization options can be the reason behind Apple users’ approach to low storage. 

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