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For students, an essay is not the easiest or favorite assignment. But essay writing is a required task for every student. There are many kinds of essays ranging from autobiographical to research papers. One of the most frequently assigned types is the analytical essay.

You can do a great job of choosing a topic and selecting the right literature for your essay. But you may have difficulties with the correct formatting of your written work.

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Analytical essays offer a way to share your insights about a literary work, scientific study, or historical event.

What is an analytical essay?

An analytical essay is a text that offers a content analysis of a topic. Analytical essays can be written about art, music, literary works, current events, historical events, politics, scientific research, and philosophy, among others. Analytical essays are widely used in academic settings and also appear in magazines, newspapers, scientific journals, and professional journals. A good analytical essay can explain and contextualize basic information for the benefit of the reader.

What is the purpose of an analytical essay?

Analytical essays serve two purposes, one for the writer and one for the reader. College professors and high school teachers assign analytical papers to help their students grow as thinkers and writers. Analytical papers improve a student’s writing skills and enhance their understanding of a particular topic.

Analytical essays also provide value to readers. Newspapers and magazines regularly publish critical analysis essays to help their readers understand the news of the day. This type of essay allows writers who may be experts in their field to educate their fellow citizens about politics, economics, art, architecture, culture, and many other important topics.

Analytical essay vs descriptive essay: what is the difference?

What distinguishes an analytical essay from a descriptive essay is the author’s point of view. While analytical essays present an argument supported by evidence, descriptive essays usually take the form of book summaries, movie summaries, descriptive articles, and informative pamphlets that do not contain analysis or opinion.

Like an analytical essay, a descriptive essay will highlight key points, use logical transitions, and organize specific topics into paragraphs. Ultimately, however, descriptive essays summarize facts, while analytical essays explore interpretation.

Here’s how to write an analytical essay

The best analytical essays offer a clear point of view, are well organized around the main idea, address opposing arguments, and are thoroughly supported by primary and secondary sources. Here is a step-by-step guide to writing an analytical essay.

An excellent introduction can pique your reader’s interest, so take extra care with your first paragraph. The best introductions start with a hook a rhetorical question or a bold statement and set a global context by outlining the issues your analysis will address. A good introduction concludes with a thesis statement that serves as a north star for the entire essay.

Organize the text of your essay carefully. After your introductory paragraph, divide your essay into body paragraphs that address specific topics. All body paragraphs should serve the main purpose of supporting your thesis statement by either providing background information, expanding on details, or offering opposing viewpoints.

The number of body paragraphs depends on the length of your essay. The structure of your essay is as important as the topic of your essay, so take the time to plan each body paragraph.

Form clear topic sentences. Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that both introduces the topic of the specific paragraph and connects it to your main thesis.

Fill your essay with evidence. The body of the essay should be filled with a mixture of substance and analysis. You will not convince your audience by making statements without solid evidence. Therefore, you must support the main points of your analysis with textual evidence from primary and secondary sources. Use footnotes and endnotes as needed. If you have a lot of unfinished homework, you can find cheap services on Reddit which will help you easily cope with all the tasks.

Give space for opposing opinions. You can strengthen an argument by acknowledging another point of view. Even if you disagree with a critical perspective, you can still articulate that point of view with a body paragraph. You can then refute that argument with additional evidence and reasoning to strengthen your thesis.

Whether you are aiming for a good grade or just trying to provide your audience with a satisfying reading experience, conclude your analytical essay with a concluding paragraph that summarizes your argument. The concluding paragraph is the bow of your entire essay, reminding your reader of your main points and leaving them with some concluding words for consideration.

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