who invented homework


Homework assignment or homework is a set of tasks which gives teachers to the students to complete outside the classroom. Mainly homework assignments consist of reading, writing mathematical exercises, revision before a test, or practicing other skills.

Who invented homework?

An Italian pedagog Roberto Nevilis is the inventor of homework. In 1905 he invented homework as a punishment for his students. When homework was invented it become popular in the world.

Homework does not help to improve academic performance in young children. It helps to improve academic skills among older students.

Sometimes, homework becomes the cause of stress for students or parents. Because of home, students have less time to spend on other activities.

What is the purpose of homework?

Homework helps in engaging students in learning and fulfilling the schooling policies. Moreover, it promotes communication between students and teachers. Also, homework assigns to the students or class as a punishment sometimes. So, It prepares the students for future class lessons.

However, it helps develop study skills and becomes the cause of enhanced cooperation between the students. 

Why is homework necessary?

It is a trend in schools to give homework to the students. However, different people have different opinions about homework. Most students and parents feel that homework is a waste of time.

However, the reality is the opposite. Teachers say that homework is a part of learning for the betterment of the students. 

Generally, homework is an out-of-class activity assigned to the students to revise classwork.

Here is the list of some reasons why homework is important

  • It allows the parents to communicate about what they are learning.
  • It helps to revise what has been covered syllabus in class.
  • reading helps to improve a child’s thinking and memory
  • Homework encourages us to utilize time in the best way.
  • Home assignments allow your child to work independently 
  • It enables the students to take responsibility for their homework.
  • It encourages parents to spark their child’s enthusiasm
  • Homework or assignments develop positive study skills and habits that will serve them well throughout life
  • It allows expanding learning by applying skills to new situations

Benefits of Homework

There is a list of some benefits of homework for students 

  • Students learn how to use resources like libraries, the internet, etc.
  • However, it allows students to understand the subjects better and explore their interests.
  • Homework allows students to do some self-study and clear their doubts, making them ready for the next class.
  • When students perform their homework daily, they understand their responsibility to complete the work.
  • It allows parents to know what their child is learning and get involved with the child in their studies.
  • Self-study is also essential for scoring high grades.
  • While doing homework, students can revise all the topics they learned in the classroom.
  • When students complete their homework without the help of a teacher or friend, this makes them self-reliant and confident.

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