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U.S. citizen in the future. If you’re a permanent lawful resident within the United States, your green card serves as proof of your status. However, you may have to maintain your status. You can travel outside in the United States without inconvenience, or perhaps become citizens in this country United States. If you choose to leave the United States for a prolonged time, it could impact whether you’re a permanent residence and also the possibility of naturalization.

It is essential to understand that keeping permanent residence is different from keeping U.S. residence for naturalization motives. Certain obligations are similar, but some significant distinctions need to be considered.

Staying at Permanent Residence for long-term absences or getting an entry permit

If you are planning to be away from the United States for one continuous year or more, for instance, if you’ve taken on a brand new position in a different nation and you will not be returning to America during the time of your assignment, the United States during the foreign assignment – keeping your status is essential to ensure that you’re eligible to be admitted in America. The United States as a resident. Permanent resident status won’t disappear if you are absent for long periods abroad. Still, any absence will be taken into consideration by USCIS to determine whether or not you want to keep or terminate this condition. To keep your status in this regard, it is essential to maintain good relations with your country of origin in your home country of the United States to indicate that you consider the U.S. your permanent home. To determine the basis of your decision for being considered to be a permanent resident, the USCIS will look at a range of elements, including

  • The length of absence
  • The purpose behind your journeys
  • If you’ve set a date for your return to the United States;
  • In case you are continuing to the tax filing process as a foreign resident
  • If you’ve managed the bank account of your properties or your driver’s license
  • The place where you and your family members reside. home as well as
  • The location of the work you do.

Travel outside of the United States for less than six months typically doesn’t pose any problems. However, it is a possibility that if you’re staying in an area within the United States for less than six months in a row, there shouldn’t be any issue reentry. Travel outside of the United States of between six months continuously and one year in continuous time can cause the flag to be raised by an immigration official upon returning. You may have to provide proof of your absence, but you will need to be allowed to return to America U.S. based upon your USA Green Card, without additional proof.

Permits to reenter. If you plan to travel around the globe for one year or more, it is necessary to obtain an entry permit to return to America. The United States. It is required to submit an application for reentry within the United States and attend a biometrics appointment to ensure that your fingerprints and pictures have been taken ahead of departure. It is possible to leave for the United States once your application is accepted. However, you must attend an appointment to take biometrics. Inability to make an appointment to take biometrics can cause the application to be deemed to have been abandoned. If you have to make emergency travel arrangements, you can apply for a speedy processing process for your permit. It is recommended to contact the designated Fragomen expert in these cases.

If you have a permit and you’ve got it, you can take it to the U.S. consular post or an overseas U.S. immigration office or request that it be delivered via one of the U.S. addresses. The permit is usually valid for two years and is not renewed. However, you may apply for a renewed permit. If you decide to return to the United States, the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) may still ask if you’ve escaped your home country and could be able to inquire about the reasons outlined above. The permit will not prevent CBP from determining whether you’ve renounced your status. CBP from using you being absent as the only reason to determine whether you’ve given up the status of a permanent residence. It is vital to be aware that traveling outside of the United States for one continuous period or longer could cause issues when you apply to obtain U.S. citizenship. This matter is addressed in detail below.


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