Top Staff Augmentation Companies in New York

Do you often hear about “staff augmentation services”? If you’ve heard of it but don’t really understand how it works, a staff addition service is a service aimed at adding extra talent to your work team based on your real needs. A staffing company is a company that provides extra talent addition services to one or more work teams. This kind of company can increase efficiency and success rate in recruiting.

This article will highlight the top staff augmentation companies in New York. Curious? Keep reading!


This software developer staffing agency is what you should look for first when you need the best talent in mobile app development and startup software for your new organization or company. With over 100 experienced software engineers specializing in multiple fields including those working on DevOps, Jafton is a factor not to be missed when you build prestigious digital projects. The company provides staff augmentation services that are considered the best in the application and software development field and for many of its clients the results exceed their expectations.

Combined Computer Resources Inc.

Combined Computer Resources is a staff augmentation company that specializes in areas such as finance, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. This company has quite a long experience, 20 years. The key to Combined Computer Resources’ success is that it can understand the real needs of each of its customers. The company’s operations are based on the principles of integrity and hard work.


Inappropriate hiring, according to some surveys, can waste about 20% of annual salary. This calculation is based on various aspects such as productivity, orientation, training, and failure/loss in engagement. VeriKlick ensures its clients know that every incoming talent is authenticated under strict standards. There are various advanced technologies used, including ID Verification technology, and Voice Biometrics. It’s not enough to apply the latest technologies, VeriKlick also uses what’s called experiential authentication techniques. All of them combined to allow for a rigorous talent screening.

Cloudlabs 247

If your need is a group of experienced programmers to create a wide variety of software and digital platforms, then Cloudlabs 247 is a very attractive option. Why? Because Cloudlabs 247 ensures that everyone who works under its umbrella has good experience and good adaptability (to any conditions and projects). The company has consistently ranked in the top five best staff augmentation companies in New York in recent years.

Emonics LLC

One thing is for sure, Emonics LLC’s primary ability is to connect each of its clients with the right talent at the right time. With Emonics, every client can optimize operating performance without forgetting to innovate. There are various services provided by this staff augmentation company, including health consulting services, banking and financial services, management consulting, technology consulting, and of course additional staff. The hallmark of Emonics LLC is the collaborative partnership formed based on the needs and expectations of the client. Thus all the risks taken can be measured and high efficiency can be achieved.


It is a popular staff augmentation company in New York focused on remote recruiting. The way it works is by growing A-Player talent centers and directing them to help clients impacted by today’s uncertain industry situation.

Hopefully the above information can be useful for you and your company. Thank you for reading and good luck!

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