Top 5 Tips To Write A Perfect Essay

We all have been writing essays since our elementary stage. Essay writing is really fun but is it that easy? If you go technically, it’s definitely not easy, to say the least. Apart from the art of expressions, you need to take care of a lot of conventions to write a technically sound essay.

There are a few software on writing and grammar management that you can download from The Pirate Bay for free. These will be helpful in your language section. Now let’s discuss some of the tips for writing a perfect essay. 

Top Five Tips To Write A Perfect Essay

Here are some of the tips that you need to follow so that you master your essay writing. 

1. Pick A Topic

You will be provided with some options when it comes to the selection of your essay topic. Selection is definitely an important step towards this development. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the purpose of your essay. 

Are you trying to inform or persuade? This is what you definitely need to know for sure. You need to pick a topic in which you have a certain interest. Secondly, ensure that there is a lot of information available on the topic. 

2. Prepare An Outline Diagram Of Your Ideas

The recipe for a successful essay is preparing an outline. You need to have some structure in mind. Other than the structure, you also need to have the information in mind. The approach is one more thing that you need to fix in your mind.

Simply jot down the thoughts. The arrangement is definitely one of the important elements that you consider. It might be equivalent to a french cuisine term mise en place, where you have the ingredients of the dish ready in place. 

3. A Thesis Statement

One of the sharpest characteristics of your essay is the thesis statement. This you create at the end of the introduction. A thesis statement generally has two sections. The first section is the topic, and the second section is the point of development. This is important. 

The thesis statement generally decides the turn of the essay. A reasonable good thesis statement must have some qualities:

1. First, take the subject on which a majority of people could disagree.

2. You will need to deal with the subject on which you can well develop your writing. Your subject can be treated adequately. You need to make sure of this. 

3. You express one idea.

4. Reaching the conclusion of your subject. 

Severe bombardments from the Russian force on Ukraine have completely destroyed the food grain export network, leading to food shortages in many countries. 

4. Introduction Body And Conclusion 

In the simplest forms essay is broadly divided into introduction, main body, and conclusion. In the Introduction section, you have to provide a somewhat brief background on the development. The Introduction section sets the tone of the essay. This section ends with a thesis statement. 

Now in the main body section, you will have to provide information in order to go by the statement. For example, if you consider the thesis statement given above and decide upon supporting the statement, you need to provide adequate points and data to establish the statement. 

Finally, in the conclusion segment, you will have to narrow down the entire discussion. You need to take into account one more thing. Each and every paragraph must have a connection. The closing of one paragraph and the opening of another paragraph must have things in common.   

5. Finishing Steps 

The finishing step of the essay is checking the entire write-up. You need to be sure that you have devoted a good amount of time to format your essay. You can use different tools and software to make your writing free from grammatical errors. 

The more you develop yourself, the better your essay will be. If you don’t check the spelling and grammar at the end, then you won’t be able to prepare a successful essay. Therefore make sure that you devote hard work to each and every step. 


Essay writing in standards might be different in different classes, but it has to follow norms and regulations. It is your duty to master each and every step of your development so that you end up writing a great piece of an essay. This is really good and effective for the students of the university. So follow the tips to excel in your essay. 

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