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Technology has helped us greatly in managing our time, once British economist John Keynes predicted, “One day we would only do work for mere 15 hours in a week”, reducing the workload. In this age of digitalization, technologies are helping us to eradicate the workload and managing the lengthy and long company’s ledge. In the past, you had to manage the company’s accounts on a volume of papers and it took a lot of time to search out an entry of the past. Time calculator reveals you, nowadays you are saving a lot of your precious time by just entering the date of the entry and getting the information of the ledger entry by just one or two simple clicks when you calculate your weekly time management skills saved by the accounting software by using time calculator, you would be amazed to know how difficult was to manage accounting work in the past. 

Reducing the difficulty of task:

Modern-day technologies is reducing the time span of performing and completing a task, for example in past your record room is full of old registers, bookkeeping leaders, and ledgers everywhere, now it is not anywhere the modern technologies is saving your time and reducing record-keeping efforts, now you can use time duration calculator, to find how much time activity or a task would take and you manage your project activity charts accordingly, this is making possible to complete difficult projects to complete just in time.

Various technologies help you to manage your time and reducing the workload, we are discussing some of those technologies, and their integration into time management skills. 

 Google drive:

Google drive you can say is one of the most used cloud computing applications around the world. You can create your documents and spreadsheet on this platform, and can securely share them with your team members. Now you don’t need networking and reducing your cost and saving your time, you can share your documents after many days and search them quickly, date interval calculator can be used to find out the time used in competing tasks over one day.

You can share your documents easily and great collaboration with your team members. You can save your projects on Google Drive and can retrieve them after years. You can also manage your spreadsheet documents on Google Drive and find them in just a minute, your time calculator tells you, it is saving a lot of your precious time.


Dropbox is one of the most used cloud computing applications, it saves our time and helps to manage the activities and tasks. You can find the time for a task by time finder calculator, and assign those tasks to your team personnel. Dropbox is free and you get 2GB of space for creating your account. It can be a great help to complete a task and share it with your team members. You can sync the dropbox between all of your sharing devices easily and you can share your data and access it from anywhere.


When you are using modern technologies, you are saving a lot of your precious time. A time management skills calculator can be used to show how much time you are saving weekly by the integration of modern-day technologies in completing your tasks and activities. You can complete team projects within a month’s time, which would take years if you’re not integrating the modern-day technologies to complete the tasks and activities.

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