Smart Kitchen and the Internet of Things

The first thing that reminds every one of the home is a good meal, and this clearly describes our connection with the home kitchen. A place where families bond, where refrigerators are filled with a to-do list, and where the majority of the kids complete homework. Even if you do not cook, or you are not interested in hosting people, the kitchen is the first connection you feel with your home.

As tech is taking over our lives, it seems that it has finally entered the root of a family – our kitchen. Our homes are becoming more interactive than a majority of our family members. Where technology is pushing family members into isolation, it is making devices more interactive by using the Internet of Things.

Devices are now becoming smart, from the security system to house monitoring systems and smart lights, your smart home can be controlled with mere voice cues. These smart devices are becoming so rapidly popular that a study in 2020 estimated the worth of the smart kitchen market to be more than 7 billion dollars and it is only growing.

The Internet of Things aims to make life easier and much more convenient. Where simple home tasks required effort previously, now smart devices are taking over, helping residents to adjust their homes for maximum comfort. From perfecting the cooking process to delivering, the perfect taste every time to optimizing temperature to boost shelf life, the smart kitchen is moving toward sustainable living. With the help of smart home appliances and home internet, you will be able to control everything in your home. Since smart appliances collect data in real-time, connectivity plays a very important role. For enhanced user experience, you must employ an internet connection that offers seamless connectivity without weak signals. For this, we recommend Wave Internet Español by Astound Broadband that comes with up to 940Mbps speed, which is ideal for smart kitchen appliances.

Why do you need To Switch to a Smart Kitchen?

There is no doubt smart appliances will soon take over, even if you do not want them to. Customers already love the idea of smart kitchens and smart homes. Now, manufacturers are pushing for smart appliances because they want to deliver an enhanced user experience. From gathering data about consumer behaviors and lifestyle patterns to offering simple solutions, manufacturers are now helping consumers to ease their lives.

If you have not switched to smart appliances yet, here are a few of the reasons switching to a smart kitchen is worth the investment:


Coming home to a power breakdown or water leakage is never fun but with smart appliances, you stay connected to all appliances. Now, your appliance will notify you every time there is something wrong with the system. Moreover, you can choose to offer an emergency backup contact so, the appliance can automatically connect to the helpline to report the issue.

Full Control

Smartphones or any hosting platform of your choice can be used for controlling your Smart appliances. Now with the use of your smartphone, you can switch on or off the power connection to any of your smart kitchen appliances. The smart interaction with the appliances will let you know if you left the stove open, or if your refrigerator door is not tightly closed.


The kitchen is one of the most multifaceted yet dangerous places to be. Within your kitchen, you will find the most complex wiring and usually, wiring is intertwined with gas pipes as well so, the safety risk is high. Just a small careless act, a spark or short circuit ends up burning the whole house.

To avoid these cases, smart appliances come with smart notifications and remote control options. With the notification and control option, you can easily shut down power, turn off the stove, or disconnect appliances to avoid any accidental situation, without getting back home. This will reduce the risk of of kitchen accidents to a minimum making sure that everyone stays safe.

Increased Shelf Life

Food waste is becoming one of the biggest issues in current times. Based on recent stats, almost 1.3 billion tons of food go to waste each year. This collectively costs around an annual loss of $940 billion. However, smart appliances are helping in cutting food waste to zero.

From optimizing the temperature to switching backups for energy, smart appliances can increase the shelf life of food by controlling the environment. This will help in moving towards sustainable living, cutting utility prices, and helping in saving a lot of money.

Energy Efficient

Not updating the appliances can result in exponential increase in the electricity bill. Amidst the global energy crisis, becoming energy efficient is the only way to survive. By switching to smart appliances, you can easily save a lot of money on your power bill. Moreover, smart appliances monitor the user patterns ensuring that energy usage can be optimized during peak hours.

Best Taste Every Time

Imagine getting out of bed with a freshly brewed cup of coffee; seem like a good motivation to start the day. What if someone else prepares the perfect breakfast for you with minimal effort? No need to hire an expensive butler, just a few simple settings, and your life will be set. With smart appliances, you can set the cooking time for everything. Just a few clicks or adjust the time via the remote dashboard and your kitchen appliances will cook everything right on time. From crispy golden toast to perfectly runny sunny-side-up egg, enjoy a top-notch breakfast every time with no extra work.


Who wouldn’t want to be welcomed home with a perfectly cooked warm, fresh meal? With smart kitchen appliances, it is possible. Most smart devices allow you to feed the daily routine, lifestyle patterns, and timing so, this can trigger an automated reaction based on time. From heating leftovers to making you a beverage, smart kitchen appliances will prepare your meal before you arrive home. 

Wrap Up

Smart kitchen appliances are the future and there is no denying the fact that in a few years, almost every appliance in our home will be smart. Where manufacturers are pushing for smart appliances to help people in improving their lifestyles, the energy sector is also encouraging people to invest in smart appliances to curb the growing energy shortage.


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