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Truck driving is a unique job that allows you to see the country and meet people from all walks of life. It’s also a stressful and often dangerous career.

When hiring managers scan hundreds of local truck driver resumes, they only spend six seconds on each before moving on unless it’s clear what makes that candidate stand out.

Streamlined Application Process

Truck drivers must complete a lot of paperwork to ensure they are not violating regulations. These forms typically ask detailed questions like “Have you ever been arrested for drunk driving?” and require proof of employment, medical certifications, etc. Capturing this information on a digital platform is much more efficient and eliminates the need to review documents sent via email or fax manually.

Streamlining the application process with a simple online form helps recruit qualified drivers quickly and easily. It also saves time and money by removing the need to print and mail applications for in-person evaluation.

Good software can also help with a streamlined onboarding process by providing a checklist for each driver to view online. This checklist helps them keep track of any documents that need to be signed, tests that need to be completed, sequences of pickup and delivery dates, and travel details. It keeps all the information organized and can help prevent missing critical steps.

Lastly, excellent software will have a solution for tracking and organizing digital documents that can be shared between employees, customers, and clients. Users may upload and exchange files securely using a document gateway without concern about security breaches.

Easy to Access

Most truck drivers are mobile-only users, so make sure your application is easy to complete on their phones. Even the most reliable truck driver will abandon a long, complicated form if it’s not mobile-friendly.

Drivers online application is precise and accurate, highlighting what makes your company an excellent choice for new truck drivers. It’s unlikely that your job listing is the only one a potential candidate will see, so you’ll need to be ahead of the competition to hire the best.

A streamlined recruitment process will save applicants and staff time and make identifying the most promising candidates for the role easier. It’s also possible to keep candidates updated about the status of their applications in the app, avoiding the frustration that can come when critical tasks and documents are miscommunicated or fall through the cracks.

You may quickly add your information to our truck driver recruiting template if you need help figuring out where to begin when optimizing your truck driver application. Our application form collects important information, including contact details, job history, etc. It’s the perfect tool to help you streamline your truck driver application and find more qualified applicants for your fleet.

DOT Compliant

DOT-compliant truck driver applications require extensive information and must be updated. These forms can help you avoid any legal issues with DOT regulations and ensure that you hire safe drivers. They also make your job as a trucking and transportation company easier by allowing you to automate the application process.

The application must have current demographic information, such as name, address, phone number, social security number, and email address. It must also have a driving history of at least the previous three years. You should also document if a position were safety sensitive and whether it was covered by FMCSA’s alcohol and drug testing regulations. Furthermore, it is critical to verify previous employment. The DOT requires you to make at least three attempts to contact each previous employer and document their response.

A copy of your drug and alcohol program/policy must also be included in the DQ file. Additionally, you should have a current signed medical certificate (med card) on file that is current and matches the certification information on the driver’s MVR record. Finally, if your vehicle is used to transport passengers for compensation, you must keep proof of passenger liability insurance on file. Sometimes, the DOT may require you to obtain a special permit for your vehicle.

Easy to Fill Out

Truck driving is a unique job that offers plenty of benefits. While you may clock more hours than a typical Monday-Friday desk job, you can set your own pace and see new places every day. Moreover, you get to work in a state-of-the-art truck with the latest technological solutions, making it easier to complete deliveries on time. Besides, you can team up with another driver to share the workload and split costs.

Getting hired as a truck driver requires thorough reference and background checks. Nevertheless, you can expedite the process by creating a simple application form that asks basic information and only the necessary questions. This will reduce the turnaround time and help you hire drivers faster.

In addition to facilitating a fast hiring process, you can streamline the vetting and onboarding process for truck drivers by automating the entire process. This will prevent unconscious bias, a common reason for high truck driver turnover. It enables you to keep track of all the essential facts and promptly deliver them to drivers, establishing a feeling of openness and fairness in load allocations.

Modifying truck driver applications can seem challenging, but the process is easy and efficient. This online editing solution is user-friendly and can handle any document format you have on hand. To start, visit the official site and try out a free account.

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