Residential Dumpster Rental

It is easy to accumulate miscellaneous items over a period of years that pile up in closets and drawers. Forgotten tennis rackets and other sports equipment no longer played with, and clothes that no longer fit become piles of “stuff” that nobody knows what to do with. When the items are still in good shape but no longer needed, donating to a local charity is a fine idea. Everything left just becomes junk to be disposed of, but what if it all doesn’t fit in your regular trash pickup?

When you find yourself with more trash to dispose of than your local pickup company allows, consider a residential dumpster rental. A dumpster enables you to get rid of items quickly and efficiently, with plenty of room for oversized objects. See below for some tips on obtaining the right dumpster for your cleanout project.

Service Area

Try searching online for a residential dumpster rental with a local service. When you contact the provider, be sure that they do indeed service your area to ensure everything runs smoothly for drop off and pickup. Most companies today have a locator directly on the website, but if you are in doubt, call the office and inquire as to their service area.

Dumpster Sizing

Do you know what size dumpster you need? If not, you have nothing to worry about. There are helpful employees trained to assist you in residential dumpster rental. With some basic information about your project,  an expert with the company can help you choose the right dumpster for your needs.

Roll off dumpsters come in various sizes, from a 10-yard dumpster that holds the equivalent of about four pickup truck loads of trash for simple garage and attic cleanouts to a 40-yard dumpster that is good for more extensive projects such as remodeling, holding roughly 12 pickup trucks’ worth of refuse.

Schedule In Advance

Have your dumpster scheduled in advance to ensure you have it when you need it the most. Occasionally, some companies offer same-day service, but most often, you will need to arrange for a drop off at least a day in advance, especially during the busy season. Drops off and pickups are typically a Monday through Friday service during business hours, meaning that if you order the dumpster on a Friday, the soonest it could arrive would be Monday. Depending on the company, dumpsters are generally rented for a week or two-week stretch, with pickup also scheduled in advance. Even if you only need it for a day, the price stays the same.

Prohibited Items

Your residential dumpster rental company can provide a list of items prohibited from dumpsters and landfills. There are no batteries or electronics, HVAC units, explosive materials, household cleaners, chemicals, and paint. Regulations vary depending on your area, so be sure to check local ordinances when in doubt. Medical waste is prohibited in all dumpsters and requires a biohazard company to pick up and dispose of used materials and sharps such as needles.

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