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Roblox keeps adding new verses to its success story, attracting users from all age groups to its colorful metaverse. In 2023, Roblox preserved its exponential growth, registering over 60 million users daily.

What makes spending time in Roblox, either as a creator or simply as a consumer, such a worthwhile endeavor, lies in how Robux ties it all together. Robux is the bloodvein of the free-to-enter Roblox universe, the sole currency enticing creators to do better.

When a Roblox title is popular, its creator has several ways at their disposal to generate Robux, and later exchange it for real-life cash. And with that said, these are the most-played Roblox games of 2023!

Adopt Me!

During 2022, the entire Roblox platform generated revenue of $2.2 billion, a significant bump from the “mere” $1.9 billion at the end of 2021. Among other things, analysts cite one game in particular as a big reason for Roblox’s constant growth – Adopt Me!

If the thought of buying Robux for sale has even vaguely crossed your mind in recent years, it probably had something to do with Adopt Me! This cute pet-grooming game has been a social media darling for a good long while now, and in 20203 alone, it amassed 32.2 billion visits.

What makes it so alluring is the plethora of legendary pets you can track down, before caring for them and even trade for them with other Roblox players. Plus, there are multiple timed events and festive seasons that spice things up in flavorful ways! For example, Christmas time brings Santa-inspired additions to the game, including new toys and pet wear obtainable in-game. On top of that, returning players can yield daily rewards as the dev’s appreciation for their loyalty.


Many compare Roblox’s Brookhaven to the Sims series, as both titles are basically life simulations that double down on the coziness factor. And while not as detailed as EA’s most popular virtual family, Brookhaven is no slouch either.

In this game, you can attend classes, purchase and drive a vehicle, mingle with your neighbors, etc., all without a looming goal that you have to chase lest the timer runs out.

It’s a laid-back, but surprisingly detailed experience that attracted over 27.5 billion visits in 2023. It’s also a kid-friendly title, with unobtrusive monetization options that don’t clash with the enjoyment level.

Tower of Hell

This is a minimalistic platformer popular for infuriating players due to the high difficulty. However, it’s also a learning tool, especially regarding the historical aspect of gaming in general – games used to be a lot, lot tougher three decades ago, and that’s a fact!

Tower of Hell captures the flair of old-school platformers like Super Mario World, but in full 3D and without any directions given to the player. Instead, players will chase the goal to climb ever higher, though that’ll soon prove far easier said than done. Regardless, Tower of Hell had around 20.1 billion visits in 2023.


MeepCity is centered around Meeps, a new type of pet resembling floating balls that constantly follow the player. Once you get a meep, you can care for it, but also take part in various role-playing activities throughout the game world. People often socialize in MeepCity, form parties to tackle mini-games, etc.

MeepCoty fears light platforming sections, and timed activities that often revolve around gardening. So, you get to tend to a small flower shrub or decorate your house with various cosmetics. In 2023, MeepCity attracted around 15 billion visits.

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