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As the demand for IT privacy grows, it becomes more difficult for businesses to manage their infrastructure on their own. Its IT professionals must deal with an increasing amount of work which decreases their ability to focus on data security.

Outsourcing your IT needs to a managed IT services provider (MSP) is one of the most dependable methods to keep your St. Petersburg businessā€™s data secure. This is because MSPs provide expert teams that are highly trained in data privacy and cybersecurity.

What is an MSP?

An MSP is a company that remotely manages customers’ IT infrastructure and end-user systems, often on a proactive basis. They evaluate and inventory your IT network for potentially dangerous behaviors and components to help you avoid costly disasters. They also offer IT support via professional helpdesks. This takes off some of the workloads from your IT team, enabling them to focus on providing more value to your company.

MSPs may also offer the following services: 

How do managed IT services help improve data security? 

  1. Cyberattack prevention

Cyber threats are evolving and becoming more dangerous, so businesses must continuously find ways to protect themselves. An MSP can help them achieve this goal through the following services:

  • Network monitoring – The MSP keeps an eye on your network 24/7, detecting potential threats and addressing them before they can adversely impact your business.
  • Vulnerability assessment – In order to identify the most appropriate security measures for your businessā€™s needs, an MSP assesses your infrastructureā€™s vulnerabilities. This assessment enables you to strengthen your defenses where it matters most.
  • Email monitoring – Emails are a commonly used vector for threats like phishing and malware. You can request an MSPā€™s help in scanning emails for potential cyber threats.
  • Endpoint security – An MSP can implement various tools and measures to secure all devices that communicate with your businessā€™s network.
  • Encryption – This service protects your data as it is transmitted from one point to another, as well as during storage, by scrambling it and making it unreadable to unauthorized parties.
  • Cybersecurity training – This educates your employees on the cybersecurity best practices so they can help in defending your company against cyber threats.
  1. Compliance

To help combat cyber threats, the government and various regulatory bodies enact and implement cybersecurity frameworks and regulations that companies must abide by. Failure to comply can result in severe consequences, ranging from fines to penalties, to lawsuits. Managed IT services providers offer the services and solutions necessary for compliance with these requirements. Whatā€™s more, they are compliance experts who keep themselves abreast with the latest cybersecurity regulations and standards.

  1. Disaster recovery and business continuity

Even with the best cybersecurity measures in place, you could still fall victim to a cyberattack. If this were to happen, you could lose access to your data and your operations would be disrupted. This could lead to downtime, which can harm your business in many different ways. With managed IT servicesā€™ help, you can develop a disaster recovery plan that will allow you to recover data following any disaster. You can then resume your operations quickly and avoid lengthy downtime.

Securing your data is critical to your businessā€™s survival, so partnering with an MSP can help in ensuring your businessā€™s growth. Find a top-notch managed IT services provider now.

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