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Lucky Dog is the place to go if you need auto or truck glass repaired. To guarantee your satisfaction and the excellent results you need, our experienced technicians will provide factory-quality work to perform your auto repairs or truck glass replacements. After all, you’re the lucky person who found us, and we want you to be delighted with our services!

Our detail-oriented application results in a highly stable, impenetrable seal untainted by leaks or squeaks. Before your new mirror is installed, your afflicted canvas will be swapped out, the frame will be easily cleaned, any existing rust will be resolved, and the space will be effectively prepped for a perfect seal.


Lucky Dog Auto Glass, based in Kent, Washington, has been in business for many years. Our company is well respected in the community, allowing us to work with our customers to ensure that every detail is covered and their work is completed with a blowtorch.


We strive to provide services addressing every need and concern on the road. Our services include windshield repair, windshield replacement, sunroof repair, door glass, vent glass, quarter glass, and back glass.

Lucky Dog Auto Glass is qualified to assist vehicle owners with all auto glass service needs in beautiful Kent, WA. Our family-owned and operated company is dedicated to providing dependable service with conscientious work to our local community.

Other auto glass businesses may hurry a job, but we will keep sight of an item during the workday before we return all of the equipment, high-quality materials, and time to finish the job. Our Kent, WA, facility is qualified to fix windshields in virtually any motor vehicle.

Our merchandise’s safe installation and exceptional safety make us stand out from the crowd. We take the most important safety precautions when repairing or replacing windshields. Our windshield repair solutions allow drivers to operate their vehicles safely without worrying about impaired vision brought on by a crack or chip.

When you have a small crack in your windshield, fixing it prevents the damage from spreading instead of intensifying and requiring more extensive repairs.


Your windshield is a component of your vehicle’s safety system, just like your seatbelts. It provides additional support for the vehicle’s roof in a crash or rollover and is a directional mechanism or backboard in case the airbags deploy. Safety requires you to use not only a high-quality windshield but proper installation as well.

Lucky Dog Auto Glass abides by the highest auto glass repair and replacement safety standards. Because our windshields are guaranteed to fit well, they are installed by our qualified technicians, using only the highest safety standards.

Lucky Dog Auto Glass is aware of auto glass installation being viewed as only an assembly line item. When you file a claim, you have the right to select who you want to have to obtain it for you or replace it. It’s your car and your choice.


Lucky Dog Auto Glass Repair Service is the best choice for a reliable, local auto glass repair service. Their experienced staff and certified technicians are dedicated to providing quality and professional service with every job. Plus, their competitive prices make them an even more attractive option. Whether you need a minor chip fixed or a full-replacement windshield, look no further than Lucky Dog Auto Glass Repair Service to get the job done quickly and at an affordable rate.

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