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To enjoy Korean barbecue, you do not have to be a fan of K-dramas. Just like K-dramas, Korean barbecue is becoming very famous in this day and age.

Even if you have never had a bite, you would most likely have heard of Korean Barbecue. It has gained such a level of cognizance and popularity that traditional Korean food like Kimchi and Gochujang has started to be there on the standard menu of any American restaurant!

What is Korean BBQ near me exactly? You can try to find out more about it at this locator. In broader terms, it is wrong to call it a meal; it is an entire experience. Cooking Korean BBQ nearby is as huge a part of the Korean meal as eating it.

Continue reading to walk through everything you should be aware of about this crazy food craze sweeping all around the country.

What Does The Typical Nearest Korean BBQ Around You Consist Of?

The Grill

A traditional close by Korean BBQ restaurant contains a grill made up of charcoal in the center of the table and a bug exhaust with fans above it.

If you are a home chef, you can use an electric Korean BBQ grill to recreate the surreal experience or use your charcoal grill. Just make sure that you wear a pair of protective gloves if you are doing this at home.

When a person visits a Korean barbecue restaurant, he should come prepared to be surrounded by the smell of the cooking of meat and all the surrounding smoke it is associated with.

Keep in mind that all these smells might end up sticking to your clothes. Therefore, if you have any plans for the future, make sure that you do not end up smelling like tasty bulgogi.

Tip: Always be ready to move as fast as you can as the meat tend to cook in no time. It makes it super flavorful, juicy, and delicious.

The Meat

Even though one can have some vegetarian dishes or delicious fish with the closest Korean BBQ, meat always ends up being the real star of the show.

One of the major foundations of Korean BBQ close to you known as charred meat and rendered fat, is Maillard. The Maillard reaction helps to give a seared meal a deliciously distinctive flavor.

There might be a lot of other elements present on the table playing big roles, but grilling the meal till the time it is perfectly seared is the most crucial element of all.

Whether you have decided to hold a Korean BBQ dinner party in your area at the comfort of your home or to go to a restaurant, you can reap the benefits of a plethora of options for the choice of meat.

Chicken Buldak

Buldak, also known as the fire chicken, is one of the perfect alternatives for a person who does not prefer to eat red meat or pork. It takes over all the advantages of a spicy or sweet sauce, just like dwaeji bulgogi. In this particular case, the sauce is mixed with chicken thighs that are present with bones.

The sugar present in the sauce will start caramelizing and charring while cooking the Buldak on the grill. You can go with covering the chicken with some gooey and melted cheese if you want to. Or you can cut up the moist, dark meat into little tiny pieces and eat them the way they are!

Ssamjang Sauce

Whether a person is cooking chicken, beef, seafood, pork, or simply vegetables for a Korean BBQ dinner, he will, without the shadow of a doubt, have to include the famous Ssamjang along with the delicious meal.

It does not involve any cooking; it is a stir-together dipping sauce generally spread over the cooked food. It magically combines the savory flavors of doenjang (a soybean paste) and gochujang (a chili paste) as a staple of the mouth-watery Korean BBQ near you.

The marinade is rounded up with toasted sesame oil and sesame seeds. The presence of both of these ingredients helps it get some roasted and bitter flavors. Fresh garlic and scallions make the dish even more lip-smacking. 


We are sure this article made your mouth water. Thanks to the growing admiration of Korean BBQ next to me, more and more restaurants today are popping up every time. Try some Korean BBQ today!

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