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How to delete apps or directly uninstalling the software removes it completely from your Mac’s system? No, if you believe this, you might be wrong here. The fact is that whenever you directly remove or delete or uninstall any software or app from your Mac, it keeps the data, caches, and other files with it. Therefore, direct removing or uninstalling should never be an option.

In order to get rid of the app or software entirely, you will need an uninstaller for your Mac. In this blog, we have listed the 8 best uninstallers software for Mac. So, let’s get started.

8 Best Uninstaller Software for Mac

1.     Advanced Uninstaller Manager

Download: Advanced Uninstaller Manager

Price: $2.99

Compatibility: OS 10.11 and higher

Advanced Uninstall Manager is our top choice for uninstalling or How to delete apps from Mac. If you wish to remove unwanted applications from your Mac with complete efficiency, you can blindly opt for this uninstaller. It quickly accumulates all the related files and keeps your system clean.

It works in such a way that removes all the cache files as well from your Mac. it not only removed unwanted apps from your system but also maintains the history of the removed applications so that you can have a look at them whenever you want.

2.     CleanMyMac X

Download: CleanMyMac X

Price: $35.65

Compatibility: OS 10.10 and higher

CleanMyMac X is one of the top-ranking, popular, and reviewed software for how to delete apps from Mac. It provides the best utilities and services for keeping your Mac clean, smooth, and fast. This uninstaller is not only an uninstaller but it also a complete cleaner for your Mac. It means you get everything in just one place.

You can also download the free version for use. The premium or paid version comes with more utilities, features, and options than the free one. It keeps your Mac optimized and also provides overall protection.

3.     MacBooster 8

Download: MacBooster 8

Price: $49.95

Compatibility: OS 10.9 or later

MacBooster 8 completely justifies its name. MacBooster 8 is basically cleaning software for Mac. It also helps in boosting the performance of your Mac. It is one of the best uninstallers, system cleaners, optimizers, and startup managers specially designed for Mac users.

It comes with a wizard that helps you in deleting unwanted apps from your Mac in an efficient manner. Moreover, you can also clean large files and folders, manage login items, remove junk files and find or remove duplicate files for recovering space on your Mac.

4.     App Cleaner & Uninstaller

Download: App Cleaner & Uninstaller

Price: $19.90

Compatibility: OS 10.10 or higher

Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller is yet one of the highly reviewed and popular uninstaller software for Mac. It is recently updated to the 6.7 version. It is a great tool for removing unwanted and large apps safely, efficiently, and securely from your Mac. The price of the Nektony App Cleaner & Cleaner is $19.90 which is quite affordable.

It also helps in recovering a lot of unused disk space on your Mac. You can also use the free version if you do not wish to pay for the premium services.

5.     AppZapper

Download: AppZapper

Price: $19.95

Compatibility: OS 10.10 or higher

App Zapper is easy to use software for beginners and professionals. It comes with a user-friendly interface that helps users in better and improved usage of the software. The best part I loved about this software is that it comes with a drag and drop feature which makes the task easy, smooth, and efficient. It also comes with a Hit List feature which helps you in browsing applications installed on your system.

6.     CCleaner

Download: CCleaner

Price: $9.21

CCleaner is one of the highly secured and cleaning programs designed for Mac users. It also speeds up your Mac. It is loaded with multiple modules that help in uninstalling unwanted apps from your Mac. You can also use free and paid versions of the CCleaner. The paid version comes with real-time monitoring and more features that are not available in the free version.

7.     AppDelete

Download: AppDelete

Price: $7.99

AppDelete is yet one of the great software for How to delete apps or unwanted software from Mac. it also helps in removing preference panes, screensavers, widgets, plugins, and more. This software also helps users to get rid of unwanted files and caches from the system. It helps to optimize your Mac in a way that helps in preventing further issues.

8.     trash

Download: TrashMe

Price: $6.99

If you really wish to remove the unwanted applications on Mac, TrashMe could be your choice as it comes with various features and the price of the software is also affordable. It helps in removing hidden files, caches, temp files, and settings for recovering storage space on your Mac.

I hope this blog helps you with the 8 best uninstaller software for Mac. Do let us know about your experience with these best uninstaller software for Mac. You can also share your direct feedback by reviewing the products from the website.

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