Truck Accident Case

Truck accidents are complex and often take longer than other personal injury claims to settle. However, it would help to understand that every collision is different, and many other factors decide how long the settlement will take.

Missouri has over 12,000 trucking companies, increasing the possibility of finding yourself in a truck accident. In case of a truck accident, do not hesitate to contact a heavy truck accident lawyer from Missouri. The time it takes to settle your truck accident case after finding a professional team is anywhere between a few months to several years.

So, how long will my truck accident case take to settle in Missouri, and why?

How Long Will Settling My Truck Accident Case Take?

Trucks are heavy vehicles that result in severe damage in case of an accident. Nine out of ten road accidents associated with trucks always leave the casualties with broken bones and internal injuries. The human body automatically experiences trauma from the force of a large truck colliding with a smaller vehicle.

Because of the damage and injuries, truck accident settlements take longer than other personal injury claims. Luckily, state regulations require trucking companies to have heavy insurance coverage. Contacting a truck accident attorney will help speed up the process and increase compensation value.

What Factors Determine How Long Your Truck Accident Case Takes?

Different factors influence the time it takes to settle your truck accident case. It takes longer to settle, mainly because of the different parties involved in the case and the damages inflicted. The following are factors that explain the lengthy period in settling most truck accident cases:

The Investigation Required Is Substantial

Trucking companies operate under strict state and federal regulations, from safety protocols to operational hours limits. If a truck accident happens, the complainant must prove the defendant is liable for the truck by providing the necessary evidence.

Your lawyer will help gather evidence like medical records and police reports to build your case. For example, they’ll examine the driver’s logs to confirm if his resting hours comply with federal regulations. Factors like driving history and company reputation will also come into play when building your case.

Determining Liability

The main reason behind most truck accidents is negligence or careless driving, which disregards the safety of other drivers. All drivers, including truckers, are responsible for caring for other drivers and road users. Violating these rules will make the trucking company liable for any damages or injuries if an accident happens.

You’ll need to prove that the truck driver’s negligence led to the accident, causing your injuries. Your lawyer will help collect the necessary evidence and pinpoint the cause of the accident in court. The longer it takes to determine liability, the more time you’ll need to settle.

Insurance Company’s Cooperation

Established trucking companies prefer using large insurance companies because they have the time and resources to fight claims aggressively. These insurance companies share a goal to minimize your claim’s value as much as they can or even find ways to discredit your claim. You’ll need a professional truck accident attorney to help secure a reasonable settlement.

What’s the Statute of Limitations in Missouri for Truck Accident Cases?

You have up to 5 years to file your truck accident lawsuit in Missouri. Note that you lower your chances of getting compensation by exceeding this timeframe.

It is in the negotiation process that your truck accident lawyer will prove most useful. The professional aims to help bargain a worthy settlement with the insurance company. If both parties don’t get to an agreement, they’ll proceed to file a lawsuit which may end up taking years.



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