data security in cloud computing

Due to advantages like cost-saving, availability of information, and redundancy, organizations are heading towards data security in cloud computing. In contracts with old IT centers, the cloud offers all of these facilities.

Moving towards it is also preventing shadow IT. It keeps the information out of the storage stores and underneath desks. It helps in governing and compliance with protected practices.

According to the Accenture report, the percentage of corporations using computer services for their companies is up to 95 percent.

However, for enterprises, there are significant challenges that come along with selecting a rightful service and implementing it for protection. Since there are several platforms in the market, you have to ensure the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of records.

In this article, I have discussed some key factors you need to take into consideration before moving towards or upgrading through the internet.

Data security in cloud computing and organizations

In public servers, you have to share your hardware, infrastructure, and software through VMs with other members. And you will not able to see the number of the identity of the person you are sharing with.

That’s why you always have to pay attention to providers either the applicable calculating mechanisms are working or not.

However, private ones come with the same facilities and convenience, but you don’t have to share your infrastructures with other users. Central Intelligence Agency is the only one using the high-profile private servers till now.

So if your organization wants to keep sensitive information like protected health information (PHI) or credit card details, it is essential to determine the ways to prevent safety risks while keeping the records safe.

Preserve data integrity

In cloud computing data security, record integrity is essential. It blocks the unauthorized deletion or entrance by protecting the material from its original form when uploaded. Here are few risks of the integration you may face;

  1. Insider danger
  2. Human errors
  3. Malicious intruders
  4. Conceded hardware
  5. Transfer errors
  6. Configuration errors

Provable data possession (PDP) and High-availability and integrity layer (HAIL) are some of those methodologies that secure the data integrity in storage. Several management solutions make a comparison of past known good state to present state of files.

Then, they alert the admins about errors and mismatches. Two things that are essential for the surety of integrity are access control and the least privilege model.

Ensure Data confidentiality

For establishing trust in the corporation and fulfilling the requirements, the surety of confidentiality is important. The steep price of files refuge problems highlighted by news of high-profile breaches many times.

According to national and international instructions that include GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS, it is necessary to protect many kinds of sensitive info. The access of unauthorized potential is the biggest threat to confidentiality till now.

To prevent such risks there are two approaches either used by individuals or groups.

  1. Determine or classifying the records
  2. Utilizing masking

Ensure Data availability

If you want to access your files and information anywhere, a place that has an internet connection, you can take advantage of clouding. Moreover, these services provide the facility of failures and outages prevention through servers and devices.

In addition to that, they help in documents loss prevention by backup options in redundancy. However, you must have enough knowledge on how vendors offer data availability to the users. You can set a service level agreement (SLA) for all the levels of availability.

Key takeout

To strengthen the data security in cloud computing;

  1. Execute the least privileged model
  2. Audit movement through the environment
  3. Classify the sensible documents
  4. Custom data masking practices like encryption
  5. Ensure to get offers of SLA from vendors that fulfill your accessibility demands

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