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If you have plans on starting your own online store and catering to a specific group of audience with the industry-best products or services, BigCommerce can be the perfect platform to count on. It is because BigCommerce doesn’t just offer you adequate features but also has all the crucial tools for you to scale your eCommerce business. 

To give you a perspective on why you must hire big commerce developers for your next eCommerce project, you must know that B2B and B2C entrepreneurs from more than 150 countries have put their trust in this platform. And as of 2023, there are more than 45,768 live stores running on it, which lists BigCommerce in the top names. 

If you intend to choose BigCommerce for starting your online business, it is important you know the basics of its development attributes. And this article is all about that! 

Why is BigCommerce Popular?

BigCommerce, a sophisticated eCommerce platform, enables you to avail the advanced eCommerce features for a reasonable fee, which the competitor platforms charge immensely for. There is a multi-storefront functionality within BigCommerce, which would help the merchants or users run their multiple stores under a single account. 

This is what helps the store owners sell their products in multiple currencies to customers across diverse countries. To help you better understand the efficacy of BigCommerce, you must know it is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, which makes it an excellent option for all businesses who don’t want to take the hassle of handling or managing the technical aspects of the platform. 

With BigCommerce, there is no need to install any additional software to store collected data, as everything is automatically stored in the cloud. Moreover, this eCommerce platform also offers impeccable SEO features such as embedded microdata, unique & optimised URLs and others to help give your store an added search engine ranking proficiency. 

In short, you get a lot of native functionalities and features that you might need for building the store functionality or enhancing UX the way you intend to. 

How to Educate Yourself on BigCommerce Development?

Whether you want to be proficient with the BigCommerce development process or have plans on becoming a professional developer in the domain, you will need the fundamentals clear. So, in this tutorial on BigCommerce development, here are the steps you must follow in order to educate yourself on the technical or fundamental aspects of this eCommerce platform:

  1. Read Official BigCommerce Documentation

The first thing you must do upon developing an intent in mind to learn about BigCommerce is check out the official documentation. The information specified in these documents will offer you ample knowledge on how you can use the platform or leverage its potential it. 

There are various guides and tutorials in these documents to help make BigCommerce development easier for you. With this, you will be able to learn the basics associated with this platform. If you want to go deep into the technical aspects of BigCommerce, then you must prefer accessing BigCommerce Dev Center, where you would learn about developer portals, APIs and others. 

       2. Prefer Taking Quality Online Courses

Now, it’s true that there is an abundance of online courses on BigCommerce out there for developers and store owners to master the technical or fundamental aspects of it. But, you need to be quite serious about relying on only the courses that add value to your existing knowledge. 

Whether you want to hire BigCommerce developers for your new store or want to develop one yourself, there are various free and paid courses available online with reviews and testimonials. Take your time, assess the reviews and see which courses are best suitable for you to master your knowledge of BigCommerce. 

LinkedIn, Udemy, YouTube, and other such platforms have both free and paid courses for you to learn about BigCommerce and its development attributes. 

       3. Join Various Online BigCommerce Communities

There are several communities of BigCommerce where developers, store owners and other professionals come together to talk about how the platform’s functionalities can be improved. For instance, you can rely on BigCommerce developer forums or join social media groups to connect with experienced developers or explore new updates on BigCommerce. 

You will also be able to seek help from experienced developers and learn from their experience. In this way, you will find yourself backed by a strong community every time you get stuck somewhere while developing or operating a BigCommerce store. 

       4. Build A Demo BigCommerce Store

Now it’s the time to put your learnings into action and create a BigCommerce store. This shall allow you to use the customisation options and platform features, giving you practical knowledge on what works and how! 

In case you find yourself stuck somewhere while developing your BigCommerce store, refer back to the documentation that you read in the first step. You will find all your answers in them. 

       5. Take the Certification Program

In case you want to be a BigCommerce developer and attend to the client’s requests on setting up a dedicated store, you must take a certification program to be one. Upon getting the certification, you won’t just be becoming a professional developer but will also be learning more about the BigCommerce fundamentals. 

Upon being certified, you will be recognised as a skilled and knowledgeable developer to work with agencies or offer your services as a freelancer

Parting Words

BigCommerce is a popular cloud-based platform that offers you astounding features for managing your online business. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or well-established store, BigCommerce can handle them all. But, to use the potential of it, you must learn its core basics. 

When you are knowledgeable about BigCommerce and its technical aspects associated with store development, you will be able to navigate your team of developers to work in a proficient manner. 

So, if you want to hire BigCommerce developers for your next project or want to become one, strengthening your foundation or basics is highly crucial. And these steps within this tutorial can pave your path towards it! 


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