Best Beginner Build in Albion Online

Welcome to our guide to the best Albion Online Class builds for beginners. This game was developed by Sandbox Entertainment. Albion Online offers a vast world to explore and so many different types of gameplay to choose from, giving complete freedom to the players.

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To begin with, there are so many ways and builds to play Albion Online. We bring you a build that can scale well throughout the game and is easy to follow, even for a beginner. The most common problem a new player faces in Albion Online is choosing their style of gameplay. Here are a few things to know before heading into our curated Albion Online solo builds for beginners.

There are different types of builds based on the play style. Mostly, we have PVP builds and PVE builds.

PVP (player vs. player) builds are more focused on competitive gameplay, where you will be building to fight against other players. However, PVE (player vs. environment) builds are more focused on clearing dungeons, boss fights, quests, etc.

To make it easier for a new player, we bring you a build that can accomplish both PVP and PVE tasks.

The Greataxe Build

Here is a build that is very easy to achieve; the items are easy to get, and the build itself doesn’t cost much. It is very effective for clearing dungeons and mists and equally effective at PVP.

Primary weapon: Greataxe

These are the abilities we will be using on our primary weapon.

Ability 1: Rending Rage

Rending Rage allows you to target multiple enemies in a cone, dealing physical damage and applying bleed. The rending bleed charge continues to deal physical damage to the enemies over 6 seconds.

Ability 2: Adrenaline Boost

This ability increases your movement and attack speed by 40% and also increases your overall damage by 25%. Lasts for up to 7 seconds. This will be your go-to ability to engage and disengage in fights. It can be used as an offensive skill to catch enemies and also to disengage and escape from a fight.

Ability 3: Whirlwind

Whirlwind is your bread-and-butter damaging ability; spin around with your axe and deal physical damage to enemies around you. This AOE ability is good for killing multiple enemies and clearing dungeons.

Passive ability: Life Leech

Life leech is a passive life steal ability. Each attack with your axe steals 15% of the health from enemies. This ability helps you sustain yourself throughout the game, even as a solo player. The best passive ability to use on any weapon.

For headgear, armor, and boots, you can experiment around or choose items of your own, but if you’re having a hard time choosing, we recommend using headgear that provides an energy shield, a stalker jacket, and assassin’s shoes.

Stalker Jacket helps you deal more damage, and assassin’s shoes reduce your overall cooldowns and increase your movement speed. It works great along with the adrenaline rush.

Cape: Morgana Cape

Morgana Cape will increase the player’s maximum energy and regeneration. This is a good item to increase your overall defense; however, we chose this item for its unique spell, which is Mark of the Raven.

Mark of the Raven reduces your cast time and increases your attack speed by 50% for 8 seconds. This ability goes really well with all of our items and abilities.

Equip consumables like roast pork that will heal you and allow you to sustain longer on the battlefield; also equip items like minor poison potions to complete the build.

Overall, this build is easy to acquire and works well for both PVP and PVE.

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